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This art allow the user to take on the forms of 12 different types of true spirits. But even if he is able to completely master this cultivation art, the cultivator should only attain a very small amount of the abilities that the true spirits possessed. This art was based on the Tian Peng Transformation.[1]

12 Transformations[]

  1. Kun/Tian Peng Transformation
    • Foundation for the 12 transformations + the one that Grand Elder Hong Yun was most proficient in during his lifetime.
  2. Rainbow Peacock Transformation
  3. Giant Mountain Ape Transformation
  4. Heavenly Phoenix Transformation
  5. True Dragon Transformation
  6. Azure Luan Transformation[2]
  7. Xuan Wu Transformation
  8. Nightmare Transformation
  9. Teng snake Transformation
  10. Vermillion Loath Transformation


This Grand Elder Hong Yun was a brilliant prodigy; the kind that had not been seen for tens of thousands of years. Through his painstaking research of the Tian Peng Transformation, he was able to incorporate many more true spirit transformations into this technique, thereby creating the 12 Awakening Transformations Unfortunately, even as a Body Integration Stage being and sourcing many types of true spirit bloods over many years, he was only able to invent 12 transformations.[1]

Twelve awakening transformations were more fearsome the more transformations one knew. According to the technique incantation, for each transformation he learned, the might of his original transformations would increase by thirty percent. If he fused all the transformation he knew into one, the strength of his transformation would be amplified over four times. Of course, the cultivation realm of the transformation would greatly increase as well; this was the basis on how the transformation’s strength increased. In addition, the transformation would also grant access to true spirit divine abilities.[3]

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