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Archsaint Six Paths was a towering, peerless figure amongst those that tread the Devil Dao in the Scattered Star Seas.[1]


Starfall Coalition[]

After Heavenly Star Sages were on the verge of breaking through to the great success stage of Divine Essencefused Light, the Righteous and Devil Dao suddenly formed the Starfall Coalition to oppose the Star Palace. Archsaint Six Paths was one of two leaders, the other being Righteous Dao elder Wan Sangu.[2]

War between Starfall Coalition and Star Palace[]

Over almost 200 years after the Starfall Coalition emerged, they won over 20 islands in the Inner Star Seas. However, the Star Palace has won most of the battles between the two powers. When even the two Late-Nascent Soul leaders, Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu, personally attempted to assault the Heavenly Star City to crush the Star Palace, they were defeated and driven away. After cultivating the Divine Essencefused Light, Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing were undefeated as long as they didn't stray far from the Heavenly Star Island, where Divine Essencefused Mountain was located.[3]

When Man Huzi was at the end of his lifespan, Archsaint Six Paths visited him and asked to give his body to him after Man Huzi died so he could cultivate his devilish arts with it. With refusal Man Huzi was severely wounded by Six Apex Devils Art, but he managed to escape.[4]

Few decades later, Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing's lifespans were coming to an end. To ensure the continued prosperity of the Star Palace, they decided to kill all other Late-Nascent Soul cultivators of the Starfall Coalition. Since they had cultivated the Divine Essencefused Light they were bound to the Divine Essencefused Mountain (Sage Mountain). However, to enact their plans they exploited a one-month period that occurs every century, where the power of the mountain's restriction disappears.[5]

When such moment arrived, the Heavenly Star Sages invaded the main base of the Starfall Coalition. The Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu faced them, but Ling Xiaofeng and Wen Qing used a secret technique to detonate all the power of the Divine Essencefused Light they had accumulated throughout their lifes. This resulted in a doomsday explosion that razed the entire base and obliterated several Nascent Soul cultivators belonging to the Starfall Coalition, including Archsaint Six Paths and Wan Sangu, and a high number of Core Formation cultivators.[6]

But Archsaint Six Paths managed to survive. He took over Wan Tianming's body, the Sect Master of the Myriad Gates of Enlightenment.[7] As the Starfall Coalition was forced into a steady decline by the Star Palace ruled by Ling Yuling, the news appeared that Wan Tianming progressed to the late Nascent Soul stage. Later, he united the entire coalition and slew several Star Palace elders in battle forging a resounding reputation for himself. In the following few decades, the Star Palace was no match for this Wan Tianming's aggressive assaults. The Starfall Coalition stormed back with a vengeance, recovering all of their lost territories. The Star Palace had been plunged into very perilous situation.[6] Eventually, they proceeded to surround the Heavenly Star City with the Heavenly Windfire Formation.[8]

Dominating the Scattered Star Seas[]

One day, the Star Palace launched a a full-force attack.[9] Wan Tianming summoned Twin Lan Devils, whom he kept hidden untill this moment, because of spies. He also figured out Han Li was present among forces of Star Palace.[10] As Wan Tianming went fighting Han Li, Star Palace's Nascent Soul Elders faced Twin Lan Devils. First, Wan Tianming made 2 late-Nascent Soul refined corpses appear and then used Six Apex Devils Art, which suprised Han Li.[11] Youngster figured out that was actually Archsaint Six Paths.[7] When Han Li easily destroyed 2 Devil Sages, Archsaint Six Paths turned to escape. Han Li caught him and attacked after transforming himself with Brightjade Arts. [12] After combined attack from the puppet, Unbreakable Cinque Devils and Han Li, Archsaint Six Paths was frozen with Purple Apex Flames despite using his Three Divine Souls Banner and two-headed python. As old devil's Nascent Soul turned into six ghost and tried to run away, it was disintegrated with Divine Devilbane Lightning.[13]

There was a bottle left after Archsaint Six Paths. Han Li found inside it sealed Lady Wen's Nascent Soul, whom he met once about 250 years before in the Heavenvoid Hall. Lady Wen was glad Archsaint Six Paths was dead. Her Nascent Soul was very weak and she dissipated it for a chance of reincarnation.[14]


Archsaint Six Paths was at late Nascent Soul stage.

  • He created pair cultivation techniques Dragon Guiding Arts and Copulative Essence Arts.[15]
    • Dragon Guiding Arts-are particularly suitable for Core Formation males, allowing a Core Formation cultivator to unceasingly draw on the vital Yin essence of a woman with a special constitution, greatly raising their cultivation. “However, this secret technique was certain to cause great harm to the woman’s origin Qi. As such, any male cultivators using this technique would best have many concubines. Considering the many Foundation Establishment women at Archsaint Six Paths’ disciple’s side, he should’ve cultivated this technique. Otherwise, there would be no way he could’ve cultivated to late Core Formation stage at his young age, no matter how amazing his aptitude. After all, he didn’t have a miraculous bottle that could age plants

He also knows the Six Apex Devils Art. This top ranked Devilish Art in the Scattered Star Seas summons six huge malevolent phantoms. He taught it to his disciple, Wen Tianren.[16]

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