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Master Arctic Dragon was a peak Nascent Soul stage Grand Elder of the North Night Palace. He owned spirit beasts, like Goldwind Raccoons.[1] He also owned a pair of Celestial Blue Cauldrons, which are replicas of the Heavenvoid Cauldron and cultivated Celestial Ice Flames.[2]

First Meeting[]

When Han Li came to the North Night Palace to visit Bai Yaoyi, Master Arctic Dragon invited him for a meeting.[1] He explained he was looking for ice flames users to help him wit his method to breakthrough to the Deity Transformation stage.[3] In exchange, Han Li received the ice flame refinement technique, discussed cultivation breakthrough method and a chance to look into sect's records. Then he was informed about possibility of Myriad Demon Valley's attack.[4]

Struggle for Heavenvoid Cauldron[]

Month later, Madam Long and Master Mo Jiu arrived.[5] They went to the Spirit Void Hall. The Overseer Elder Yi disapproved letting outsiders enter, but the Grand Elder had majority of Elders behind him.[6] Inside the Profound Jade Cave, Bai Mengxin, Elder Ouyang, Master Mo Jiu, Madam Long and Han Li assisted Arctic Dragon in his breakthrough method with their ice flames.[7] [8] He was dejected that he failed to reach Deity Transformation stage.[9]

Then Arctic Dragon suddenly asked Han Li to give him the Heavenvoid Cauldron, because it belonged to their Palace.[2] When Han Li refused, Master Arctic Dragon went against him. Monk Mo Jiu decided to help Han Li, because he knew that Madam Long's was actually an Elder of the North Night Palace. Madam Long attacked the monk and Arctic Dragon, Bai Mengxin and Elder Ouyang faced Han Li.[10] Both Elders were easily injured.[11] While Master Arctic Dragon was preparing a secret technique, he was attacked by the Monarch Soul Divergence's Great Puppet and trapped with the Eight Spirit Ruler.[12] After he was beheaded with the Devil Essence Dagger, his Nascent Soul tried to escape in a Celestial Blue Cauldron, but it was sealed and captured using Great Yin Trueflame and the Buddhist ruler.[13] Master Arctic Dragon's Nascent Soul didn't see a point in begging Han Li to spare him. He accepted his fate of being was stored in a vial. The Unbreakable Cinque Devils killed Elder Ouyang and the puppet killed Bai Mengxin.[14] Later, using a soul search technique, Nascent Soul was destroyed and Han Li learnt location of Puresun Flame Essence, exit from the Spirit Void Hall and that Master Arctic Dragon never planned to let him leave from the beginning.[15]

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