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The Azure Luan is one of the most renowned types of ancient true spirit birds like Heavenly Phoenix, Kun Peng and Ghost Dove. Azure Luan and heavenly phoenix originally share the same bloodline, but they evolved into two different types of beings due to the different abilities that they cultivated.


It was seventy or eighty feet long, the feathers on its body were bright azure and its crown was azure as well. Its wings were wide and when it was spread out, it was longer than its body. Three long tail feathers trailed behind it, looking very handsome.


It was most renowned for its ability to control the power of wind. It was said that this true spirit had initially been born in the winds of chaos, and in a fit of fury, it could unleash chaotic winds that could destroy entire cities!


Just like the true spirit families of the human race, not everyone in the Azure Wing Race inherits the true spirit bloodline; only an extremely small proportion of them are blessed with such a bloodline. Regardless of how pure the bloodline is, any Azure Wing being verified to possess a true spirit bloodline will immediately enjoy a meteoric rise in status in the race[1].

The Azure Wing Race is adept in beast-taming techniques, so the virtually endless supply of devilish beasts here makes it an ideal place for them to settle. Otherwise, with their meager population, there's no way they'd be able to control such a large area[2].

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