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Azure Yang Sect is one of the sects in the Inner Star Seas.


Disciples of the sect have robes with azure flame emblems embroidered on them. Higher ranking members have bigger flames that emit a faint spiritual Qi and flicker as if they were alive.[1] Lower ranking disciples have smaller flames.[2]


Book 4[]

Young Sect Master took a cultivar named Yan Li as cultivation furnace. When Yuan Yao find out that about a fate of her friend, she wanted take a place of her senior sister, and offered to became a concubine of that young master. Yan Li explained her how that person was a wretch cheating others. Then they set a trap and killed the young master.[3] They fled with his medicine pills and treasures, including Azure Flameblasts. As the young master was Three Yang's sole descendant, the Ancestor had a bone-deep hatred for her.

Few decades later, one of disciples spotted Yuan Yao. Three Yang has requested Starfall Coalition Leader Archsaint Six Paths to capture her alive, because he was busy with other matters. A party of Core Formation cultivators, led by Elder Ding of Azure Yang Sect, was sent to capture her. Han Li accidentaly got involved in that party.[2] Once they attacked her, Han Li killed all people involved to help Yuan Yao.[4]

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