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First seen with her father near the Nine Immortal Mountain where being tricked & robbed by the Three Scourges. Han Li, Hai Yuetian, and Qi Ling Zi, save them after Bai Guo'er was captured and held hostage. It is revealed to Han Li that Bai Guo'er suffers from a frost poison, and he finds that she would die within three years if the poison wasn't expelled.[1] After further examination, Han Li discovers that Bai Guo'er actually has what is known as the Ice Essence Body, and offers to make her is in-name disciple in exchange for Bai Guo'er retrieving something for Han Li after she reaches the Deity Transformation Stage.[2]


"A little girl who appeared to only be 11 to 12 years of age. The little girl was very fair and adorable, looking as if she had walked straight out of an artwork."[3]

"There was a white-robed woman sitting on a giant rock at the very center of the group, and everyone was listening to her explain a certain complex cultivation art. The woman appeared to be only 17 to 18 years of age, and her body was enveloped within layers of white lotus flower projections. There was also a deep blue lotus flower insignia on her glabella, which gave her a pure and ethereal appearance, almost as if she were a celestial maiden who had descended from the heavens."[4]

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