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Han Li's Magical Treasure :

Refined Again[]

The method involved a process that was known as "planting swords".

The process consisted of finding some spirit seedlings, then planting them in a place with abundant spiritual Qi. After that, the flying swords had to be sealed within these seedlings, and as the seedlings grew, all of the materials in the sword would gradually be converted into wood-attribute materials due to the wood-attribute spiritual Qi of the spirit trees themselves. As such, there'd be no need to rid the flying swords of anything.

Once the spirit trees reached full maturity, the flying swords would've been nurtured by wood-attribute spiritual Qi for a long time. As a result, not only would this process not harm the swords, it would make them pure to an incredible degree.

Fatal flaw: it simply took too long!

As spirit trees had to grow bit by bit. Even the most ordinary of spirit trees required at least 1,000 years of nurturing care to reach full maturity.

During this time, not only could these flying swords not be used at all, it also had to be ensured that none of the spirit trees died. Otherwise, all of the prior efforts would go to waste. Even if one were to replant the flying sword into another spirit tree, the damage would already be irreversible.

As for how long was required for this process, there were no specific guidelines. However, one thing was for certain; the longer a sword was planted and the more precious the spirit tree was, the greater the degree of purity of the flying sword following the procedure.

With his small vial to assist him, Myriad Year Spirit Trees could be nurtured with no issues at all.

Even though this wasn't explicitly stated in instructions within the jade slip, it could only be better to plant the swords into a spirit tree that was the same as their main constituent material.[3]

Han Li interrupted the refinement because the battle between the three beings from the Body Integration Stage, next to his cave dwelling, was putting his life at risk.

Refining Result:

All of his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords had been converted to pure wood-attribute treasures, and they'd all become as light as air. Furthermore, injection of magic power could make the swords transition between a substantial state and a light form.

His newly refined Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were even more brittle and fragile than he'd feared.

But it gained the voidform ability.

The fact that the flying swords had taken on a blurry and indistinct form when he'd injected his spiritual power into them had raised his suspicions about this, and he could completely confirm those suspicions now.

This was an extraordinary ability that was rumored to exist among sword cultivators of the human race. Han Li had heard of it on many occasions, but he'd never witnessed any flying swords that possessed such an incredible ability, and he didn't think that his flying swords would attain an ability like this after his sword-planting experiment.

It was said that flying swords with such an ability could take on a completely insubstantial form and be recover back to their original form even after being pulverized into countless segments.

As such, his flying swords were essentially indestructible, and there was no need to worry about them being damaged unless he came up against some special treasures.

Of course, this was only true in theory. Every time the flying swords reconstructed themselves after being shattered, they would still incur a slight amount of damage, and the process would also expend a lot of the wielder's magic power.

If they were broken too many times or the wielder's magic power ran out, then even with the voidform ability, the flying swords would still be completely destroyed.[2]

One of the additional unexpected benefits of employing the sword-planting method; not only had the newly refined flying swords completely absorbed the spiritual Qi within the Golden Lightning Bamboo, they had also absorbed the Divine Devilbane Lightning imbued within the bamboo.

As a result, not only had his flying swords been refined to become pure wood-attribute swords, the Divine Devilbane Lightning they contained was far more plentiful and powerful than before.[4]

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