A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The Beast Embryo's Dark Essence Pill was refined from the placenta of some mystical beasts of heaven and earth, or eggs that contained pure bloodlines. Such demon beasts were often gifted with exceptional physical prowess and were able to fuse the power of their bloodlines into their bodies after taking the pill. Not only would it greatly enhance the physical prowess of a cultivator, but it would also have a certain chance of acquiring the innate abilities of a demon beast.

If it used some immortal beasts that were born with nomological powers as materials, the Beast Embryo's Dark Essence Pill that might contain nomological powers as well. It would be able to make use of the pills to allow cultivators to comprehend the nomological powers in them, just like how the Dao Pill was made.

However, the refinement of such a pill was extremely difficult and it was not inferior to that of a Dao Pill. Furthermore, the supplementary ingredients were also extremely difficult to find, which was why they were rarely seen in the world. He didn't expect that the freckled old man would actually have such a pill in his possession. Furthermore, the Beast Embryo's Dark Essence Pill was extremely extraordinary and contained the power of laws that wasn’t a joke.


It was a black elixir about the size of a pigeon's egg inside that emitted bursts of black light. One could vaguely make out the silhouette of a miniature demon beast within the black light. That beast looked like a dragon yet wasn't. It had a single horn on its head and a pair of wings on its back, giving it a very dashing appearance. Extremely powerful essence Qi pulsed from the black pill, which was mixed with the power of laws.