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This was a thin black veil that was quite smooth and soft to the touch, and also gave off a rather cool sensation. Just by adjusting the orientation of the veil under the light, Han Li could see faint black runes on its surface, clearly indicating that it was no ordinary treasure.

In the instant that the veil landed on Han Li's body, he suddenly became quite blurry and indistinct, and he completely disappeared after a few flashes.

This black veil was indeed quite a brilliant treasure as it had exemplary concealment abilities.

In fact, it was second only to the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman among the concealment treasures that he possessed.

In contrast, the black veil was slightly inferior in terms of concealment ability, but it had none of the disadvantage. Furthermore, its concealment ability would become more potent the more powerful its user was.[1]

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