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Blood Devil Sword is a sacred tool from the Elder Devil Realm.[1]


Ever since this sword made its appearance in the Heavenly South Region, it was unknown whether or not it was an ancient or a magic treasure. This sword was similar to an ordinary magic treasure by which it can be kept within one’s body, but it was incapable of refined by an owner like an ancient treasure. Despite this, it was still capable of displaying astonishing strength.

Unless one avoided the sword’s spacial slash ahead of time, there was no method of blocking it. Any techniques or magic treasures used to block the attack would most likely be cleaved into two. As for the sword’s user, unless they used a large amount of blood essence and vitality to activate it, they would have to be wary of devilish Qi backlash.

This was because the body’s true essence became increasingly tainted by devilish essence the longer the sword was used. If too much devilish essence was accumulated, one would experience devilish Qi backlash; they would lose any rationality and transform into a raging devil until their death.

There are only a few of these “devilish artifacts” in the entirety of the Heavenly South. It could be said to be a name that was both feared and admired![2]

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