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Bloodflame was an Elder Devil from the Elder Devil Realm.[1]


Bloodflame participated in an invasion of Mortal Realm in ancient times, together with Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha. He was captured and ancient cultivators wanted to draw out his soul and interrogate him.[2] Bloodflame's original soul was supressed by ancient treasures and sealed inside Minor Sanctuary Guardian Formation past the Blood Curse Gate inside Devilfall Valley.[3] His soul fragment was found by Master Cang Kun at some point, and it possessed one of it's clones.[4]

Devilfall Valley incident[]

Bloodflame's soul fragment was unknowingly found by Wang Tiangu in Cang Kun's cave residence.[5] [6] Later, it posed as the scattered soul of one of Master Cang Kun's clones. When Ghost Spirit Sect planned to enter Devilfall Valley, the soul fragment told them about the Spirit Ether Garden and a path to it.[7] Wang Tiansheng

Meanwhile, Bloodflame's original soul was released from sealing formation, after Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying unknowingly destroyed it. Then Bloodflame possessed Marquis Nanlong and devoured Lu Weiying's Nascent Soul.[3]

Bloodflame's soul fragment led Wang Tiansheng, Wang Tiangu and Wei Wuya to the pocket dimension.[8] Inside, cultivators realized that wasn't the Spirit Ether Garden, because of dense devilish Qi and demonic statue. Wei Wuya figured out the soul fragment was an Elder Devil.[4] Bloodflame gave them a chance of turning into a devil and reaching Deity Transformation stage for helping with the seal and opening a tear into the Elder Devil Realm, but Wei Wuya didn't fall for it. Then using Decay Transformation, Bloodflame possessed the devil corpee in the statue.[9]

Next, Bloodflame's original soul hunted other Nascent Soul cultivators, like Ling Hu.[10] Later, it joined Bloodflame's soul fragment.[11] They both wanted to fuse and take control over the other. Despite being at odds, they turned to devour Nascent Soul cultivators first. The soul fragment fought Ling Hu, the Grand Elder of Masked Moon Sect and Wei Wuya, while the original soul faced Daoist Heavencrystal, Elder Cheng Tiankun, his friend and Han Li. The original soul was pulled into a spatial tear with Han Li, where it was exterminated by Silver Flames.[12] Bloodflame's soul fragment tried to prevent that, but only caught Han Li's 2 Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.[13] Then with arrival of Moulan Divine Sage Zhong and Sage Le, Bloodflame was heavily injured, but it managed to escape.[14]


After Bloodflame escaped from Devilfall Valley, it slaughtered a few cultivation clans and sects that possessed devilish artifacts and devoured Nascent Souls transforming into a being with three heads and six arms and obtaining power comparable to an early Deity Transformation cultivator. Then Bloodflame destroyed the core of the grand formation in one area of Endless Sea, which was sealing perfect devilish Qi. Later, the Elder Devil was trapped in a grand formation. Many powerful cultivators, like Master Sunreach, fought it. Although it received grievous injuries, Bloodflame fled into the Jin Empire's direction.[14] [15]

The Great Jin[]

Elder Devil Bloodflame disguised as Han Li agreed to serve the Ye Clan for 20 years as "Elder Han". His knowledge of ancient secrets has proven to be essential to their cause. He wanted them to look for Han Li and devilish arifacts in exchange.[16]

One day, when members of Ye Clan told him that Han Li was seen in the Jin Capital, Bloodflame was pleased he could take revenge on him for destroying his main soul and making his cultivation to fall.[16] Not long later, Bloodflame found Han Li at the secret auction, where he accompanied Fu Cheng. When Han Li left, the Elder Devil approached him.[17] Suddenly, a mid Nascent Soul stage Monk Wickedfire appeared to rob Han Li. Bloodflame easily killed him. Han Li, suprised by Devil's powers, escaped using the Bloodshadow Evasion. Afterwards, several Nascent Soul cultivators appeared and Bloodflame devoured them to fianlly fully recover.[18]

Kunwu Mountain[]

Half a year later, Bloodflame, in the guise of Han Li's face, travelled with Ye Clan Elders to the Nanjiang Province, where they finally opened entrance in the Kunwu Mountain's seal.[19]

At the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, Ye Yuesheng, a Clan Elder and disguised Elder Devil met Sacred Poison Sect's Grand Elder Hua Tianqi, who was suprised Ye Yuesheng was alive.[20] As they were attacked by the ghost monarch, Hua Tianqi and others passed by them using this opportunity.[21] On the 7th floor of the pagoda, Bloodflame killed the Elder, because he sensed the Sacred Ancestor nearby. Ye Yuesheng didn't react to that, because he made a deal with the Elder Devil to have devilish Qi infused into him for a chance of reaching Deity Transformation stage. Then, they arrived on the 8th floor to see imprisoned incarnation of the Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha. Bloodflame managed to communicate with Sacred Ancestor's soul.[22] Yuan Cha explained him how she fused with Silvermoon Wolf Ling Long and was sealed.[2] Ye Yuesheng was sent to kill the wolf soul Long Meng.[23]

Using 5 devilish artifacts brought by Bloodflame, Sacred Ancestor's soul fragment broke free from restrictions of the Black Wind Flag.[24] Then she and Bloodflame went to the place of the Eight Spirit Ruler and Long Meng. Bloodflame wanted Ye Yuesheng to take the Eight Spirit Ruler, since his cultivation art wasn't devilish, the masterless Divine Spirit Treasure wouldn't harm him.[25] As he guarded exit teleportation formation, Han Li with his puppet, Grand Immortal Xu, Lin Yinping, the Nightfiend and Lion Hawk attacked the Elder Devil.[26] Bloodflame was pushed back and eventually lost one of the heads to Gui Ling.[27] Then he lost second head, after decisive attacks of Han Li. As headless Bloodflame tried to escape, Han Li froze him with Purple Apex Flames and exterminated with Divine Devilbane Lightning, thus allowing him to finally recover his 2 Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.[28]


Named Chapter 1021.

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