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Bloodshadow Evasion Technique is a strange movement technique that draws support from one’s blood essence and allowed one to flee over fifty kilometers in an instant.

First of all, one is incapable of controlling the distance traveled with this technique. When this technique was activated, one would instantly turn into a crimson blur as they shot over fifty kilometers away.

Secondly, this secret technique required a large, fixed amount of blood essence. Once the technique was activated, the blood essence for this technique would immediately ignite. However, if one lacked enough blood essence to use the technique, the technique would cause one’s body to rupture halfway through and turn into a cloud of gore. It was a truly dangerous technique.

Lastly, activating this technique required a pair of wings. Because Bloodshadow Evasion was too fast, without any wings to maintain balance and a particular body lightening technique, the technique could cause one to crash into the earth after traveling only a short distance, or return back to where one started. In brief, a clean escape would be an impossibility without them.


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