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The Bloody Red Sky Ghost was a Profound Heavenly Treasure. It's also Sky Ghost Sect's most secret and precious treasure. It was a rod of mini, long bloody red ancient streamers. The streamers twirled around once before morphing into a rod of giant streamers that were a lot larger. Devilish auras circled around it while an emblem of a vicious ghost head with two horns was activated. It had a green face, sharp fangs. Two immensely powerful red lights surged from within the two eyes. It was so dazzling that people could not look at it directly.

It can be replaced into a scary ghostly figure that was about a hundred feet tall. It had a green face and sharp fangs, a pair of giant curved horns on its head while its eyes shone bright red. Blood-red fur covered it entirely, while its limbs looked one section longer than a normal human's, with purplish-black bat wings on its back. The moment it appeared, alarming waves rippled from it, causing even the air near it to tremble in fear.


This treasure banner was passed down from one of the Patriarchs who had ascended to the True Immortal Realm, Patriarch Bone Flames. It was said that the sealed Sky Ghost inside was the Ghost King captured from the netherworld by an immortal and passed down from generation to generation to the Great Grand Elder. It was usually fed and worshiped with its own blood essence and during this period of time, it had undergone many years of special blood essence refining and was not comparable to an ordinary magic treasure.

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