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The Seven Mysteries Sect (七玄门风云, Pinyin: Qī xuán mén fēngyún) is the 1st book of the web novel.


1 The Village by the Forest[]

A 10 year old Han Li (nicknamed Second Fool) wakes next to his second brother, and tries to fall back asleep in order to be well rested for the morrow. We learn how Uncle Zhang had been the one to grant the village children their nicknames, and a little about himself and his family. Deep in his heart he yearns to leave the village and explore the world beyond, that Uncle Zhang always talked about.

At noon, he has gathered firewood with his friends, and is carrying a pouch filled to the brim with red berries for his younger sister, whom he doted on the most. Upon returning, he is overjoyed to see his Third Uncle, whom he briefly greets, before allowing the adults to continue their chat. Turns out Third Uncle has become an outer disciple of the Seven Mysteries Sect, and thus he may invite a child to participate in the Inner Disciple Examinations. Father Han is initially hesitant upon hearing phrases like Jiang Hu and Sect, but approves upon hearing that his son could potentially receive a monthly allowance and even become as successful as his Third Uncle.

Elated, Third Uncle leaves behind two silver coins and instructs that the family improve Han Li's constitution for the test. A month later, Third Uncle returns to escort Han Li to the testing site. In his homesickness as his parents disappear from sight, he's determined to strike it rich and never be separated from his parents again. "Han Li would never have thought that from this moment on, money would lose any meaning to him. He was unexpectedly going to walk a path different from ordinary mortals. Instead, he was going to walk down his own path towards immortality!"

2 Green Ox Village[]

Three days later, the duo arrives in Green Ox Town. They walk through the restaurant, where the regulars greet "Fatty Han", before Han Li is brought to the back, and motioned to a side room in the remote courtyard. Uncle tells Xiao Li to rest, and that he will call on him once it's time for the test. Then he returns to the restaurant to attend to a few regulars. Han Li collapses onto his pillow and falls asleep. When night falls, a servants comes by with some food, though not lavish but still delicious. Uncle spends time with his nephew, who gradually grows less shy, starting to laugh and talk freely.

After dinner on the third day in town, a black lacquered carriage pulled by a golden steed stops in front of the restaurant door. A skinny 40yo called Protector Wang jumps down with nimble movements, and walks pompously into Han Li's room. Fatty Han greets him respectfully, and the man explains that he went since there was a need to strengthen the defenses since the roads here haven't been peaceful lately. Uncle secretly pass a heavy-looking pouch to the impatient man, who relaxed after assessing the bag.

“Fatty Han, you truly know how to conduct yourself! On the way back, I will make sure that all of your nephew’s needs are well cared for. Anyways, it is getting pretty late now. We had best hurry on our way.”

3 Seven Mysteries Sect[]

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4 Bone Refining Cliff[]

Chapter 5 - Doctor Mo[]

Chapter 6 - Nameless Oracular Formula[]

Chapter 7 - The Difficulties of Cultivating[]

Chapter 8 - Entering the Sect as a Disciple[]

Chapter 9 - Way of the Armored Elephant[]

Chapter 10 - Mysterious Bottle[]

Chapter 11 - Difficult to Open Bottle[]

Chapter 12 - Breaking the Bottle[]

Chapter 13 - Strange Phenomenons[]

Chapter 14 - Mysterious Liquid[]

Chapter 15 - Four Years Later[]

Chapter 16 - Little Abacus[]

Chapter 17: Senior Disciple Li (1)[]

Chapter 18: Senior Disciple Li (2)[]

Chapter 19 - Battle in Jiang Hu[]

Chapter 20 - EssenceExtraction Pill[]

Chapter 21 - Painkilling Medicine[]

Chapter 22 - Qigong Deviation[]

Chapter 23 - Tests[]

Chapter 24 - A Panicked Decision[]

Chapter 25 - Interference of Success[]

Chapter 26 - Medicinal Student[]

Chapter 27 - Creating Legendary Elixirs[]

Chapter 28 - Doctor Mo Returns[]

Chapter 29 - Rising Conflict[]

Chapter 30 - A Hero’s Final Road[]

Chapter 31 - Insect Corpse Pill[]

Chapter 32 - Heroic Spirit[]

Chapter 33 - Private Exchange[]

Chapter 34 - Blinking Sword Art[]

Chapter 35 - Theft of Secret Manuals[]

Chapter 36 - Shocked[]

Chapter 37 - Three Restrictions for Cultivation[]

Chapter 38 - Encountering a Midnight Spy[]

Chapter 39 - Abnormal Requirements[]

Chapter 40 - Origin of the Secret Technique[]

Chapter 41 - Leaving a Message on a Night’s Departure[]

Chapter 42 - Cloudwing Bird[]

Chapter 43 - Fully Prepared[]

Chapter 44 - Antidote[]

Chapter 45 - Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth[]

Chapter 46 - Cleaving a Body with One Blow[]

Chapter 47 - Demonic Silver Hand vs Shifting Smoke Steps[]

Chapter 48 - Lies[]

Chapter 49 - Hidden Within Concealment[]

Chapter 50 - Aromatic Coiling Silk[]

Chapter 51 - Giant Man Displays his Might[]

Chapter 52 - Seven Ghost Devouring the Soul[]

Chapter 53 - Handsome Man[]

Chapter 54 - Soul-Lock Talisman[]

Chapter 55 - The Third Person[]

Chapter 56 - Battle of the Light Globes[]

Chapter 57 - Body Awakening, Enemy Perishing[]

Chapter 58 - ImmortalCultivator[]

Chapter 59 - The Three Big Inviolable Rules[]

Chapter 60 - Poison Test[]

Chapter 61 - Destroyingthe Spirit[]

Chapter 62 - Deal[]

Chapter 63 - True Appearance[]

Chapter 64 - Crooked Soul[]

Chapter 65 - Medicinal God Han Li[]

Chapter 66 - Eccentric Rule[]

Chapter 67 - Fireball Technique[]

Chapter 68 - Poisoned[]

Chapter 69 - Li Feiyu and the Young Lady[]

Chapter 70 - Instigation[]

Chapter 71 - Pure Spirit Powder[]

Chapter 72 - Removing Poison[]

Chapter 73 - Li Feiyu’s Thoughts[]

Chapter 74 - Imperial Flight Technique[]

Chapter 75 - Using Magic Techniques[]

Chapter 76 - Negotiations and Eruptions[]

Chapter 77 - Countermeasure[]

Chapter 78 - Forest Massacre[]

Chapter 79 - Questioning[]

Chapter 80 - Encountering the Enemy[]

Chapter 81 - Jia Tianlong[]

Chapter 82 - Monk Golden Light[]

Chapter 83 - A Huge Pitfall[]

Chapter 84 - A Tremendous Battle[]

Chapter 85 - Bloody Battle, Death Contract[]

Chapter 86 - ASudden Change[]

Chapter 87 - Prominent Skill[]

Chapter 88 - Golden Light Barrier[]

Chapter 89 - Spear and Shield[]

Chapter 90 - Flying Sword?[]

Chapter 91 - Stealing Treasure[]

Chapter 92 - Sword Talisman[]

Chapter 93 - Raging Flames Burning the Enemy[]

Chapter 94 - Complete Victory[]

Chapter 95 - Demonic Name Resounding Famously[]

Chapter 96 - Flaw[]

Chapter 97 - Backhand Transaction[]

Chapter 98: Returnto the Village[]

Chapter 99 - Departure[]