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Cadaver Demon is a type of Jiangshi. However, it was greatly different from cultivator refined corpses and ordinary Jiangshi that naturally rose from deep within the earth. There are two main conditions that a Cadaver Corpse required to take form.

  1. First, there must be a corpse of a cultivator at at least Nascent Soul stage. Secondly, the corpse must have heavenly spirit roots that are either wood or earth attribute. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to draw support from nature to rise once more.
  2. In addition to this, the cultivator must've died harboring immense grievances. With the soul unwilling to return to the path of reincarnation, it is retained by the corpse. As time passed by with some other unknown conditions fulfilled, the soul and corpse would fuse together to form the monster known as a Cadaver Demon.

The monster could be said to be half human and half Jiangshi as well as half Jiangshi and half ghost.

Not only did it lack the fatal weakness of sunlight that ghost demons and Jiangshi possessed, but it also possessed most of its memories and techniques from when it was alive. And because it died harboring grievances, this fearsome spirit was undoubtedly bloodthirsty. They were particularly fond of hunting down cultivators and slowly torturing their souls with corpsefire for their amusement as they feasted on them.[1]

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