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Cang Kun was a mad Nascent Soul cultivator. He was the greatest vagrant cultivator in his era.[1] Marquis Nanlong was his descendant.[2]


About five thousand years before Han Li was born, that mad cultivator wreaked havoc against both the Righteous Dao Alliance and Six Devil Dao Sects. With his profound abilities, he swept past many fearsome opponents in the Heavenly South Continent. Even the Great Elder of the Harmonious Bond Sect and the Righteous Dao Alliance Leader, the number one figures of both sides at the time, couldn't defeat him. As oppose to rumours of his death in battle, Master Cang Kun managed to escape, after self detonation of two of his puppet incarnations.[1] Later, Master Cang Kun entered Devilfall Valley. There, he suffered extensive damage to his cultivation, after battling the Ancient Flame Toad. He didn’t treat deep into the center of Devilfall Valley, he simply found a few treasures around the outer area.[3] He was the very first person to make it out alive from Devilfall Valley. Not long after, he died possibly in meditation in his cave residence in Moulan Plains.[1]

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