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Chang Zhifang was a mid Nascent Soul stage Elder of the Nine Serenities Sect residing within the Great Jin empire.[1]

First Meeting[]

Because of grievances in the past, Elder Fu Cheng had become hostile with most Nascent Soul cultivators in his sect, apart from Chang Zhifang. He didn't want to work on the Nascent Cultivating Pill with them, because he feared their betrayal.[2]

Chang Zhifang travelled with Elder Fu Cheng to the Twin Scorpion Mountain in the Nanjiang Province. There they met Han Li, Bai Yaoyi and Sacred Poison Sect's cultivator Yuan. All of them were there after owning a favor to Fu Cheng. Then Old Man Fu explained them this matter was about ancient Nascent Cultivating Pill and finding materials for it, like the flesh of an Umbra Yin Horse.[1] The problem was its nest was in dangerous Yin Yang Cave, which made others apprehensive. Old Man Fu also said they would be entering in 6 months and asked everyone to sign an Underworld River Page swearing an oath to not tell anyone about this.[2]

Nascent Cultivating Pill[]

Half a year later, everyone met again and they set off to the Myriad Poison Valley. Cultivator Yuan's poison warding treasure help them easily traverse it.[3] Inside the cave, Fu Cheng was using his sect's Dark Violet Pearl to protect from the black Yin winds. and they battled Yin ghosts.[4] After a month, they finaly found traces of the creature deeper in the cave.[5] They also encoutered Corpse Wolf that was with the horse. Everyone attacked the Corpse Wolf.[6] As the wolf started to run away, they followed. Cultivator Yuan's was killed by the Silver-winged Nightfiend and Fu Cheng and Bai Yaoyi were tapped in the cocoons.[7] Chang Zhifang and Han Li clashed with trapped in the spell formation Nightfiend, who was said to be superior to even late Nascent Soul cultivators.[8] As Chang Zhifang tried to save others, the Nightfiend tore her body apart with claws and put her Nascent Soul into a cocoon.[9] When Han Li was attacking the Nightfiend with Triflame Fan, the formation was activated suddenly and teleported everyone present.[10]

At the Kunwu Mountain, Chang Zhifang's Nascent Soul was eaten by the Nightfiend.[11] Old Man Fu was saddened by the death of his Junior Martial Sister Chang.

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