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Chen Ruyan was one of the Seven Lords of the Heavenly Dao in the Heavenly Court. She was one of the most strongest people in the whole True Immortal Realm.


She was a lithe, blue-haired girl in blue robes. She had a pair of round, black eyes, a fine nose, and a small mouth. She had a lot of braids on her head and looked rather playful. The blue clothes she wore were simple and cool, revealing her arms and legs that looked like white jade. She wore no shoes or socks on her feet, and there were intricate blue rings on his snow-white wrists and ankles. There were also a few small bells hanging on the rings, ringing loudly. However, the most peculiar thing about her was that she had two pink dragon horns on her forehead, and there was an indistinct aura of true spirit blood running through her body.[1]

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