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The Clear Void Sect (清虚门Qīng xū mén) is one of the Seven Sects of the State of Yue.[1]


Their sect's disciples dress in an azure uniform.[2]


When the Six Devil Dao Sects invaded the State of Yue, the Seven Sect Alliance worked to defend the state in a war of attrition. Tired by years of fighting, the two factions agreed to a final battle. Due to the betrayal of the Spirit Beast Mountain, the Seven Sect Alliance lost the war.

To avoid total annihilation, the Clear Void Sect fled the state to the Nine Nations Union, where they received protection under one of the four superpowers in the Heavenly South Region.[3]


Chong Xuzi
Core Formation
Wu Fazi
Foundation Establishment
Wu Youzi
Foundation Establishment

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