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The Crimson Flame Blood Cloud, also known as the Heavenly Nectar of the Apertures, was a priceless treasure because it was a mystical item that could steal the fortunes of the heavens and earth. It enabled cultivators to open their apertures immediately.

According to the legends, the Crimson Flame Blood Cloud contains the power of blood and Qi that is difficult to comprehend. Cultivators would be able to open their apertures without relying on any cultivation techniques after absorbing it into their bodies, without leaving any hidden dangers behind.

While it's true that you're able to open your aperture, it's not like there are no limitations to it. There is a limit to how much the human body can withstand the blood clouds. If you were to force yourself to absorb the blood clouds when you've reached the end, your blood and Qi would surge and your body would explode, killing you.


It was a sticky, bloody cloud about the size of a palm, emitting a translucent, bloody glow. It was indeed emanating extremely powerful energy fluctuations. Not only were there star power fluctuations, but there were also extremely pure blood essence fluctuations as well.