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Cultivation (修 为)

has many levels, and as an individual progresses in their cultivation they gain access to higher realms of existence.[?]

The mortal realm is also known as the Physical Realm. Progression through the mortal realm involves absorbing greater amounts of spiritual energy (Qi) into the body. As an individual's spiritual energy increases it becomes denser and changes form. Their cultivation "deepens" upon a successful change in form. Changes in form are incredibly difficult and often require assistance from medicines, tools, or spiritual pills.[?]


Rank Realm Lifespan Information
Lower Realm
1 Qi Condensation
100 years (13 stages) The starting stage of cultivation. Those in this stage cannot be called cultivators, but merely practitioners. The individual's lifespan changes because they can live an extra 100 years of their life for another century, and they're considered enhanced or stronger than any mortals. The mortal body starts to absorb natural energy from the world and gather spiritual energy (Qi) inside the body. To progress, an individual must collect and condense more spiritual energy. In this stage, the spiritual energy is visually depicted as forming clouds. As time goes on, this stage varies in length and power.
2 Foundation Establishment
200 years (9 stages) Upon successfully collecting and condensing spiritual energy into a liquid, an individual enters the Foundation Establishment stage of cultivation. At this stage, individuals have greater power that further enhances their magic abilities and individual Become Cultivator.
3 Core Formation
300 ~ 600 years (9 stages) An individual enters the Core Formation stage when they collect and further condense their spiritual energy into a solid "core" - often depicted as an Orb. At this stage individuals increase the lifespan of their mortal bodies by hundreds of years, and have greater power that dwarfs Late Foundation Establishment cultivators.
4 Nascent Soul
800 ~ 2,000 years (9 stages) Once a "core" has reached sufficient density, it can be forcefully collapsed and molded to form a "Nascent Soul". A cultivator reaches the Nascent Soul stage upon successful formation of a Nascent Soul. Under rare circumstances, an individual may form more than one Nascent Soul. Progression through the Nascent Soul stage involves absorbing spiritual energy to refine the Nascent Soul.
5 Deity Transformation
2,000 ~ 5,000 years (9 stages) The fifth stage and final stage of cultivation before obtaining an unlimited lifespan. The Nascent Soul has reached its pinnacle, and can no longer progress. Thus, the Nascent Soul will then begin to interact with the higher energies of Heaven and Earth. A chance of death is present as a tribulation occurs to enter this stage. Should the Nascent Soul succeed in becoming half immortal soul, one will have the power to manipulate the energies of the world to fight, or cut open space to travel a thousand miles in one leap or instantly approach the enemy. Can be called first-rate or powerhouse in second-rate sects, and first-rate expert in first-rate sects or factions.
Middle Realm
6 Spatial Tempering
Unlimited lifespan*

But usually live about 10.000 ~ 1.000.000 years

The sixth stage of cultivation were one obtain endless lifspan. The Nascent Soul has reached a point of no return in terms of power, and is only a small part away from becoming a immortal soul, however, the power of the void or space has not been infused, and many pieces of one's mortal shackles are still in place. The Nascent Soul shall eventually become a immortal soul. There is a high chance of death if attempting to enter this stage.
Note: One must cultivate the Five-Elements to reach this Stage.
7 Body Integration
At this stage, one has officially stepped beyond the mortal world, and can travel into boundless space with no issues. At this stage, one will no longer use heaven and earth energy, but natural essence energy, far superior and more powerful. At this level, the immortal soul is true in strength and form, and one has officially gained one piece of immortality. A tribulation will accompany every breakthrough. The Three Human Sovereigns are at this level.
8 Grand Ascension
A realm equal to a Demon Ancestor in the demon race. 99% of cultivators will die before entering this stage, but all who managed to survive undergoes a true rebirth and leap of strengh. This is considered to be the highest stage of cultivation in the Spirit Realm and more often they are the leader of their races. Those that achieved this stage are often stuck in the Spirit Realm as becoming a True Immortal is too hard.
Upper Realm
9 Tribulation Transcendence
Unlimited lifespan* As for the final Tribulation Transcendence Stage, that was actually only an arbitrary division. Aside from a slight change in the nature of one's magic power, beings who reached that stage wouldn't actually be a whole lot more powerful than Grand Ascension Stage beings. Furthermore, after reaching the Tribulation Transcendence Stage, there were no longer any early, mid, or late classifications. Most of them would also go into indefinite seclusion to try and transcend their true immortal tribulations in an attempt to ascend to that higher realm.[2]
Immortal Realm
10 Pseudo-Immortal


Immortal The state of an Ascended immortal who has not yet fully transformed his immortal spiritual power, barely the lowest stage of the True Immortal realm.
11 True Immortal
The dream of many cultivator and also the beginning of the Immortal World. At this stage one can directly flip over a middle realm.
As a True Immortal, one stop using spiritual energy and use instead immortal spirit energy to fight and cultivate. They can also begin to comprehend a law of heaven and earth and how to utilize it at this stage (among 3000 laws).
12 Golden Immortal
At this stage, the nascent soul undergoes a transformation and become more resilient and far from the fragility known to all. The comprehension of their law of heaven and earth is so that at this stage one can manifest a Spirit Domain to fight and support their cultivation and other things.
13 Supreme Unity Jade Immortal (太乙玉仙)

High Zenith Stage

To reach this stage, one must refine their body into a jade-like body. The purity of the jade-like body is said to determine how far one can further progress their cultivation.
14 Zenith Heaven (大罗)

Great Encompassment

One must merge both soul and body together to reach this stage. Every movement made by a cultivator of this level would be filled with powerful soul fluctiations.
15 Dao Ancestor(道祖) In order to reach this realm, one must take over the position of an existing Dao Ancestor and fuse to be one with the Dao that they have cultivated.
15.5 Primordial Chaos Dao Ancestor A realm that is unfettered in the universe. To reach this stage, one must devour the entire world and all living beings to surpass the universe, thus causing them to be an enemy of life itself.
9.5 Loose Immortal
1000 ~ 5000 years A realm that exists once someone fails to become a True Immortal. This is the realm one enters should they somehow survive their failed tribulation. Their lifespan is decreased enormously, however, their power is nonetheless able to dominate all under the True Immortal level. There is little hope for those at this level. In the spiritual world, a Loose Immortal will commonly go on a rampage once their life is coming to an end, causing damage to all around them. However, it is possible to have minor breakthroughs in this realm. There are also differences in the strengths of Loose Immortals. This realm is mentioned in the novel sequel itself, the Immortal World Arc series as the protagonist becomes a Loose Immortal or False Immortal.
6 - 8 Heaven's Tribulation Instant death or continued life. Intermission between Void Refinement/Spatial Tempering and Body Integration/Synthesis. One will either die or succeed.

Note- As long as there is a sufficient supply of heavenly and earthly life force, life is already infinite, but due to the existence of various catastrophes ( Heaven's Tribulation ), it is not eternal life without worries. Heaven's Tribulation every 3000 years - Instant death or continued.

The Dao[]

In struggling to defy the heavens and break the natural order of the universe, cultivators take their own individual paths unique to them. Cultivators pursue of control of the principles underlying the universe. The path chosen in the attainment of power will affect the behavior of a cultivator.

Path Description
Righteous Dao Cultivators following the righteous path progress slowly and advance naturally when the conditions for success are met. Cultivation Arts for this path are relatively gentile. Followers of this path are not saints. Often they are hypocrites feigning righteousness while villainously using false pretenses of exterminating evil.
Devil Dao Also known as the path of Devils. Cultivators following the devil path take every opportunity to quickly advance their power. Cultivation Arts for this path are formidable mighty and often draw upon Yin Energy. They follow their hearts desires. Often this results in extremely cruel acts of suffering for those around them. Cultivators following the devil path are disliked for opportunistically exploiting others.

Dao Companions[]

Cultivators following their Dao path are faced with an arduous and perilous journey. Often a cultivator needs to harden their hearts of demons and clear their minds of distractions in order to pass tribulations that block the journey. Cultivators that progress along the Dao attaining higher stages of cultivation will live longer than many of their acquaintances whose life-spans end. Dao Companionship involves two cultivators, usually of the opposite sexes, that tread their Dao paths together. They partner together to help each-other on their respective paths.

Dual Cultivation Arts[]

Dao Companions do not have to tread the same Dao path. However, those who do cultivate special Cultivation Arts that involve pairs in a form of Yin-Yang balance. Through these special dual-cultivation arts, cultivators can draw upon each-other to further their cultivation. Many of these cultivation arts require physically intimate contact between cultivators.


Many cultivators in pursuit of greater stages of cultivation tend to avoid Dao Companionship. Death of a companion whether due to natural causes, or an untimely event will leave a mark on the heart of a cultivator. This mark often turns into a inner demon during a tribulation that prevents progression.

Cultivation Vessels[]

Also known as (1) Furnace Cauldrons, and (2) Cultivation Furnaces. Cultivators can absorb the energy of other cultivators using techniques that often involve sexual means. The cultivator whose energy is absorbed is called a cultivation vessel. The energy taken from a cultivation vessel is usually more dense and pure. Cultivation vessels provide large boosts cultivation progress and use of them can help break through bottlenecks in cultivation.

Cultivation vessels are predominately female. They are treated as objects and possessions that are owned, sold, traded and auctioned. Depending on the owner, a cultivation vessel may be treated well and protected, or treated poorly as a slave. Cultivators practicing the Devil Dao are more likely to treat weaker female disciples as cultivation vessels.

Spiritual Sense[]

As cultivators temper their souls, they gain another sense in addition to their five senses of touch, sound, smell, taste, and sight. This additional sense is called spiritual sense. Spiritual sense allows the cultivator many abilities depending on the strength of their spiritual sense:

  • Extension of their five senses outside of their body bypassing physical barriers.
  • Scan another's spiritual sense to extract memories and thoughts.
  • Inflict pain and damage on the soul by using spiritual sense to attack another's spiritual sense.


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