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An Immortal Puppet from the Upper Realm/Immortal Realm who lived in the Lightning Sea, Elder Devil Realm[1]. It has the power of Grand Ascension Stage that can easily slay a clone of Nie Pan, one of the three patriarchs of the Elder Devil Realm.

"I chose to remain here as this place has the greatest abundance of spiritual Qi in this entire realm, so I can hibernate here without expending any energy. Once I accumulate enough immortal spiritual power, perhaps I'll be able to return to the upper realm.[2]"

Han Li made a deal with the Sacred Golden Crab to come with him and aid Han Li in his battles for a drop of green liquid per month.


Beast Form[]

It was a gargantuan golden crab that was thousands of acres in size.

Human Form[]

It was a golden robed man.


It was once the master of the Scale Void Realm. Due to certain matters back then, he was plotted against and was severely injured and on the verge of death. As such, he created an immortal puppet and sealed part of his memories inside. He then went through some unforeseen events and came to the lower realm, the elder devil realm, which is how he met Han Li.==Links and References==

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