A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The Deep Freeze Mountain River Scroll was an Immortal Artifact. Extremely powerful Dark Cold Qi is contained within it, enabling it to unleash several types of powerful frost-attribute attacks. The power of law it contained was no less potent than that of the Sea-Splitting Sword from before. Furthermore, the scroll-like immortal tool definitely had more attack patterns than the immortal sword, making it far more difficult to craft.

After it was stimulated, threads of light, like clouds and mist, emanated from the painting and caused the surrounding temperature to drop drastically. The surface of the ocean within a radius of tens of kilometers was completely frozen in an instant. Snowflakes appeared in midair and drifted with the wind, making it seem as if the entire world had been plunged into extreme cold.


It was a painting depicting a tall mountain, a river, and a palace. The entire painting was blue in color and a peculiar cold aura emanated from it. The cold aura was mixed with nomological fluctuations. It looked extremely extraordinary.