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Deep Heaven City was the sole city free from the jurisdiction of the Three Human Sovereigns and the Seven Demon Kings.[1] It was ruled by the Council of Elders consisting of over 10 Integration Stage cultivators. In this city lived humans and demons.[2] Deep Heaven City had never been successfully invaded by foreign races ever since the day of its founding.[3]


The city was located on the border with the Primordial World.[3]

The city was very large. It was comparable to a small state in the Mortal World. The city itself was trapezoid in shape with city gates on the front and rear, while the thick mist from massive immortal formations obscured the remaining two sides. The front had a massive wall 100 kilometers in length facing the Primordial World, while the other side had less imposing wall stretched for over 500 kilometers.[3]

The humans and demons were not compatibile, hence to prevent interracial conflicts, the entire city was split in half using a massive light barrier, with each race governing one half of the city. Except the Elder Tower at the center of the city, which was common area.[3]

The city had areas with dense spirit Qi, which doubled the speed of cultivation and enticed many cultivators to stay there. Jade Rapid Mountains had the most abundant spiritual Qi. This was where most Deity Transformation stage cultivators lived.[4] Furthermore, a lot of rare materials appeared in this city from the Primordial World and once every 10 years, an Elder at Integration Stage gave lecture about the worldly Dao.[2]

It had garrisoned an army of over 1,000,000 humans and demons.[3] They recruited cultivators at various levels and assigned them to their factions, like famous Deep Heaven Guards or Dark Azure Guards.

In the city was Spirit Flight Tower, where appeared cultivators ascending from the Lower Realm.[5]

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