A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

In this stage, cultivators use their Nascent Soul to interact with the spiritual principles of the world. In the Lower(Mortal) Realms, the spiritual energies of the world are too scarce, thus very few people progress in their cultivation. Most of the Lower Realm cultivators attempt to ascend to the Spiritual World in order to contact higher spiritual energies and further their cultivation. In Lower Realms, Deity Transformation cultivators reign supreme, and cultivators descending from the Spiritual World must lower their cultivation base to this stage, or face a Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi backlash and die. In the Spiritual World, many ascending cultivators are picked up by major powers as they need a Dust Wiping Pill to wash off the Lower Realm residual Qi, and only the major powers have them in stock. This is useful, because without wiping away this residual Qi, during every Heavenly Tribulation there will be an extra +1 layer, thus making it increasingly harder to transcend it.


Early Divine Transformation[]

In this stage, cultivators first begin interacting with worldly spiritual Qi energies. This allows to use the surrounding spiritual Qi, rather than the body's stored Qi, or to supplement the stored Qi with worldly spiritual Qi for even greater Divine Ability potency.

Middle Divine Transformation[]

When the worldly spiritual Qi is used to wash ones marrow purify the inner Qi, they will eventually breakthrough to this stage given enough time. By undergoing this cleansing, the Divine Ability strength increases tremendously as does the resiliency of the body.

Late Divine Transformation[]

By further cleansing and imbuing ones body with spiritual Qi, the cultivator is assumed to have mastered the basics of spiritual Qi, and can use it freely and transform it in any way they please. This dense Qi can be used to cut open the void, allowing to travel vast distances in a single step or to create small spacial nodes.

Peak Divine Transformation[]

This stage is defined as having an even better handle on spiritual Qi and the power to cut open the space(void). Tapping into the power of the void will eventually allow one to break through the shackles of Divine Transformation and enter into the Spatial Tempering stage.