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The Demon Banishing Colosseum (镇妖台Zhèn yāo tái) is a monster colosseum on Stalwart Star Island. It hosts many different competitions between cultivators,[1] among others the Demon Banishing Ceremony. This ceremony is conducted in the main arena, which is protected by a formation called the Crossed Heavenly Rail.[2]

In the centre of the colosseum, presumably underneath the arena, is where the formation control room is located. It is the heart that holds up the great formation around Stalwart Star Island, i.e. the barrier that isolates the Inner Star Seas from the Outer Star Seas, consisting of 24 formations. People call it the line between civilization and wilderness.[3]

The mural on the door to the room depicts the Two Sages defeating the demon and banishing it into the sea of Stalwart Star. The mechanism on the door corresponds to the constellation of the stars. The door's pivot begins from the Alpha Ursae Majoris and ends at Delta Ursae Majoris, though Wang Ning notes that it's close but not completely right.[3]

Points of Interest[]

  • Stone Chamber Arena


The building was destroyed in the coup d'etat led by Wu Chou. At Elder Gu's orders, Wen Qiang entered the control room and sabotaged the island's formation so that Wu Chou could hijack it. The control room and subsequently the whole colosseum was ruined by a Thunder Roc in the coup.[3]

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