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Devil Cloudpart was a mid Nascent Soul eccentric from Harmonious Bond Sect.

He was endowed with a strange constitution. Both Yin and Yang was contained in his body, allowing him to cultivate the peak Devil Dao techniques of his sect. By cultivating some unknown technique, he had become overwhelmed with lust, and would often go through the shady actions of seizing others and having his way with them.[1]

Moulan invasion[]

Accompanied by Dong Xuan'er, Devil Cloudpart arrived at the Soaring Heavens City.[1] He participated in a meeting with the three great cultivators of Heavenly South, alongside other mid Nascent Soul stage cultivators like Dongmen Tu, Splintered Soul or Long Han.[2] Devil Cloudpart with gloomy expresion volunteered to participate in wagered battles, after persuasion from Devil Concord.[3]

As Devil Cloudpart and 9 other participants of wagered battles faced 10 black-robed Devil Dao cultivators, they were trapped by the Bloodcatching Barrier.[4] Some time after the battle commenced, Devil Cloudpart was released by Han Li. Divine Sage Zhu tried to stop Han Li from killing the Dao Companion of the Sifting Yin Sect Master Fang, but he falied because of intervention of Devil Cloudpart.[5]

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