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Devilfall Valley is the most dangerous area in the Heavenly South Continent.[1] Ever since Devilfall Valley came into existence, countless vastly powerful cultivators entered the valley in search of treasure, but the veil of mystery and death that surrounded it over the years prevented anyone from treading too closely and earned deathly reputation.[2]


Devilfall Valley was one of the battlefields of ancient cultivators and devils from the Elder Devil Realm.[3]

After the war, ancient cultivators wanted to draw out captured Elder Devil Bloodflame's soul and interrogate him.[4] This Elder Devil's original soul was supressed by ancient treasures and sealed inside Minor Sanctuary Guardian Formation past the Blood Curse Gate inside Devilfall Valley.[5]


Devilfall Valley lies at the center of the continent, in the northwest area of Myriad Link Mountain Range, also known as Devilfall Domain, in Chang Province in the State of Dongyu. It spans an area of tens of thousands of kilometers.[2] [6]

What is stopping cultivators from extracting the mountain's resources, is the miasma that would occasionally sweep across the mountains and seal it off for years at the time. Not only was the miasma incredibly toxic, but it was also very thick, making it impossible to tell direction once inside. Every fifty years or so, the miasma around the mountains would disappear and the spatial tears surrounding Devilfall Valley became more stable and sparse. During this time period, treasure hunters from all over the Heavenly South would gather for this year-long opening to seek riches.[2]

But the true reason for Devilfall Valley's reputation as the most dangerous area in the Heavenly South was mostly attributed to its spatial tears. The spatial tears were leftovers from ancient battles. The sizes of these tears varied anywhere from a few inches to several tens of meters wide, allowing them to engulf several tens of men without problem. As for the small tears, they were like incredibly deadly blades hanging in the air. Most terrible of all is that over time, these spatial tears would wander, as well as open and disappear intermittently. There was no pattern to their appearance.[6]

Spatial tears in Devilfall Valley aren't true pathways to the Elder Devil Realm. Only a few incarnations or lower grade devils are able to pass through. But because their cultivation isn't great enough, they aren't able to withstand the restrictions of Mortal Realm and stay there for too long. Nonetheless, they can have enough time to torture the cultivators entering Devilfall Valley.[3]

In the valley exist entrances to Spirit Ether Gardens. They are pocket dimensions filled with medicine plants and abundant spiritual Qi.[7]


There are only few known cultivators that returned from Devilfall Valley, like Master Cang Kun [8] or a friend of Monarch Soul Divergence.[3]

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