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Devouring Devilish Ant Tides are one of the most devastating disasters of the Elder Devil Realm; it's an unstoppable force of nature!" Han Li murmured to himself in a perplexed manner as he flew rapidly through the air.

Just a single Devouring Devilish Ant was only about as powerful as a Qi Condensation cultivator, but once they formed an ant tide, they were completely unstoppable due to their sheer numbers and innate ability to devour spiritual power and devilish Qi.

It was said that nothing could survive in the wake of such an ant tide, and everywhere they went, death and destruction would surely follow.

The Butterflytail Beast Tide was already extremely fearsome, but it couldn't even begin to compare with a Devouring Devilish Ant Tide.

It was said that there were even precedents of Sacred Ancestors being trapped in such ant tides before exhausting all of their magic power and being devoured in the end.