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Divine Devilsbane Lightning is a product of Gold Lightning Bamboo. It is produced after the bamboo reaches ten thousand years of maturity.[3] It specializes in subduing evil and devilish arts.[4]


Mortal Realm[]

Divine Devilbane Lightning was used by ancient cultivators battling invaders from the Elder Devil Realm during times of antiquity. It was extremely harmful to Elder Devils. [5]

Spirit Realm[]

In ancient times, Divine Devilbane Lightning was the vastly renowned paramount wood-attribute divine lightning, and was one of the five-elemental true lightnings. It specialized in vanquishing devilish Qi and all evil creatures, and its power far exceeds that of even Heavenly Blood Lightning. However, unless this lightning is refined through a special method, the wielder will only be able to unleash a tiny portion of its power. During the reign of the Evil Dragon Race in ancient times, they destroyed all of the Golden Lightning Bamboo they could find, essentially erasing the existence of Divine Devilbane Lightning off the face of the Spirit Realm, so its special refinement method naturally became lost.[6]


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