Divine Essencefused Mountain is a mountain with a five-elemental power.[1] It was used by Wen Qing and Ling Xiaofeng to cultivate the Divine Essencefused Light art to reach Deity Transformation stage.[2]

Divine Essencefused Mountain looked like a pitch-black big rock around 500 to 600 feet tall with a wide base that tapered as it up toward the peak.[3]

Origin Edit

Divine Essencefused Mountain was discovered by one of Heavenly Star Sages, Ling Xiaofeng, in the Outer Star Seas. He witnessed this mountain erupting out from an underwater volcano. Only after extensive effort and help of many Star Palace's mambers, the mountain was moved to the Heavenly Star City.[1]

Notes Edit

Han Li used it to reach Deity Transformation stage.[4]

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