A Record of a Mortal is Journey to Immortality Wiki

The Divine Lamp of Time was a third-grade immortal artifact. It was an ancient-looking lotus-shaped golden oil lamp. It was emanating the powerful time law fluctuations. There were circles of flickering runes on the surface of the Divine Lamp of Time and golden flames inside. The flames turned into the nine gilded fire dragons.

Omnidirectional Ways of Time[]

Every single one of those golden flames emanated an aura of timelessness and ruthlessness, as if they were capable of decaying and wiping out all living beings in the world. There was simply nothing that could stand in their way. The most terrifying thing in the world was the endless tides of time that swept through the world. Any living being, even the so-called immortals who had transcended time, would not be able to escape the fate of decay.