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The only living descendant of Hong Fu. Known for her flirtatious attitude with other male disciples and the reason for why Chen Qiaoqian was almost raped and killed due to the promise of being a dao-companion with martial brother Lu.

When rumors of her dubious affairs with other male disciples came out, her great aunt Hong Fu confined her. Two Core Formation cultivators of Yellow Maple Valley, Hong Fu and Li Huayuan, met to discuss marrying their disciples. Dong Xuan was arranged to be Dao-Companions with Han Li, who had no interest in her.

When the betrayal of the Yan sect happened she was unseen but later reappeared as a member of the Ghost Spirit Sect in a confrontation with Wang Chen and Harmonious Bond Sect Young Master Tian against Nangong Bing.

When confronted by Han Li she showed no affection for him and attempted to stop him from saving Nangong Bing.

Back when [Dong Xuan] was at the Yan Clan fortress, [she] was abducted by Tian Buque, and forcibly taken back to the Harmonious Bond Sect. Only then did [she] discover [her] true lineage. It turns out that [she is] a directly lineal descendant of the Harmonious Bond Sect's Old Devil Cloudpart.

It was only through an accident that [she] ended up becoming a disciple of the Yellow Maple Valley. Before [she] was even born, Old Devil Cloudpart used a secret technique known as the Graceful Dream Art on [her], which is a cultivation art related to cultivation and bewitching charming techniques.

The cultivation art would significantly enhance [her] rate of cultivation, yet the easiest, but also the most difficult obstacle for cultivators using this cultivation art would be the trial of the inner demons. If it turned out to be easy, then the obstacle would be virtually non-existent and [she'd] progress as easily as eating food or drinking water. However, if it proved to be difficult, then [she] could be impeded by my inner demons for the rest of [her] life, in which case [her] cultivation base would never progress. In fact, there have even been precedents in other cultivators using this cultivation art, where their inner demons have been too strong and their cultivation base had even been forced to regress as a result.[1]

Asked Old Devil Cloudpart about this, and he told me that the reason you became my inner demon was most likely because you used some kind of special cultivation arts in the past, and was immune to my bewitching charming techniques as a result. After that, when I was abducted and suffered backlash from my own bewitching charming technique, you left too strong of an impression in my heart, thereby becoming my inner demon.[1]

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