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2:01    (A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality Speeding in the Sea of Stars Season 5)
2:08    (Episode 102 Speeding in the Sea of Stars Season 5)
2:12    Where is Blood Jade Spider now?
2:14    Quickly release it!
2:15    Let me have a look.
2:18    So this old monster is trying
2:20    to find Bai and Yu.
2:22    If I refuse…
2:24    No.
2:28    Since Senior has asked for it,
2:30    I will humbly obey your order.
2:39    Great.
2:40    That's indeed Blood Jade Spider.
2:49    This is truly a blessing from heaven.
2:52    How come you have Blood Jade Spider?
2:54    Since you got this,
2:55    why didn't you tell me at first?
2:56    You old monster, you tried to trap me so many times,
2:59    why should I tell you?
3:01    Never mind. Change of plan.
3:03    Perhaps another immense wealth is waiting for you.
3:06    The Absolute Darkness, the ungrateful disciple
3:08    will definitely invite you to the Inner Hall.
3:10    You try to stall him and pretend to be cooperative.
3:12    Just go.
3:14    I'll follow you secretly.
3:16    And back you up.
3:17    Even Xuan Gu gets excited.
3:20    What's the secret of these little spiders?
3:22    Han.
3:25    Fellow.
3:27    Blood Jade Spider has a connection with Absolute Darkness Island.
3:33    It used to be my Spiritual Beast.
3:37    I lost it for some reason several years ago.
3:42    I didn't expect it to end up in your place.
3:45    You did a good job nurturing it.
3:49    I will let go
3:50    of what happened before.
3:53    But you'll have to give back
3:54    the Blood Jade Spider.
3:57    But I'll give you some compensation.
4:00    You want some spiritual stones
4:02    or techniques?
4:09    Senior.
4:11    I would like to do you a favor.
4:15    But ever since
4:17    I got the spider,
4:19    I constantly fed it essence and blood.
4:22    And it has long recognized me as their master through the blood bond.
4:25    Even if...
4:27    Even if I give it to you,
4:30    I'm afraid you...
4:32    Don't trick me.
4:35    Blood bond, so what?
4:39    Don't ever try to raise the price arbitrarily.
4:43    I will kill you, you know.
4:52    Fellow Wu, don't make jokes.
4:54    The purpose of the blood bond
4:56    is for humans and spiders to become one
4:57    for soul self-destruction
4:58    in times of crisis.
5:00    If you force to take it,
5:02    then everyone may be a loser.
5:05    You...
5:07    Don't force me to play hard.
5:17    Patriarch.
5:19    Though I'm just a rogue cultivator.
5:21    I have some backbone.
5:23    If you don't want to
5:26    see the spider dying here,
5:27    please just let me go.
5:37    Interesting junior.
5:39    You even know
5:41    the strategy of advancing by retreating.
5:46    But you don't know me well.
5:49    I'll get whatever I want.
5:56    But,
5:58    no need to kill yourself for this small stuff.
6:04    If you can take the Blood Jade Spider
6:07    to help me do something,
6:09    I
6:11    will take you to the Inner Hall.
6:14    Anything in the Inner Hall
6:17    is of great value
6:19    for core formation cultivators.
6:30    Thanks for being so generous.
6:32    But I'm not good enough to accept that.
6:33    I didn't cultivate for long.
6:35    It's pure luck to just break the first trial.
6:38    As for the Inner Hall,
6:40    it is just
6:42    too much for me.
6:44    Han.
6:46    Patriarch is being generous.
6:48    Now he even is being so kind
6:50    to offer you to the Inner Hall.
6:52    But you are so hesitant and refuse it.
6:55    You think you're the one
6:59    who could decide if you wanna go or not?
7:01    Just say yes.
7:02    If you don't comply,
7:03    you cannot leave here.
7:05    Sorry, Patriarch.
7:07    I have cultivated as a rogue cultivator till now
7:10    because of my backbone.
7:12    If Fellow Wu keeps forcing me like this,
7:15    I'll just self-destruct
7:17    together with the spider.
7:19    That's better than being insulted here.
7:21    Okay.
7:25    I appreciate your gut.
7:29    I will not
7:31    force to take your Spiritual Beast.
7:36    But
7:38    I'll take the Blood Jade Spider
7:40    no matter what.
7:42    If you don't want to give me,
7:44    then I'll have to take you with me.
7:47    The Inner Hall has numerous chances.
7:49    It's impossible for ordinary core formation cultivators
7:51    to see and touch them.
7:55    In times of crisis,
7:58    I'll even protect you.
8:03    I will not let you leave empty-handed.
8:18    Who's eavesdropping?
8:19    Get the hell out of there.
8:22    Shoot.
8:23    Could it be that Xuan Gu has been discovered?
8:31    Don't take it wrong.
8:33    It's me.
8:35    You…
8:36    I was just wandering around.
8:39    I saw Fellow Wu from a long distance.
8:41    And I just wanted to say hi.
8:44    I'm sorry to interrupt.
8:47    Wander around?
8:49    Just hang out?
8:51    You're stalking me.
8:54    You old guy.
8:55    Wait.
9:04    This is Blood Jade Spider?
9:07    I thought they're extinct.
9:10    It's said this is one of the best Spiritual Beasts to get the cauldron.
9:14    With a much higher success rate
9:15    than Fire Python and Golden Silkworm.
9:20    Get the cauldron? Is it Void Heaven Ding Fellow Jin once mentioned?
9:25    Wait.
9:27    I also appreciate young people with guts.
9:32    I like you the moment I saw you.
9:35    What do you think?
9:35    Wanna join my sect?
9:38    I do not have a direct disciple so far.
9:43    Fellow Qing.
9:45    This guy is very important to me.
9:48    You really wanna fight with me?
9:57    You didn't say you want a disciple.
10:00   Why's it my fault?
10:03   We've been friends for hundreds of years.
10:06   There's no need to fight
10:10   just for one guy.
10:12   He's just a brat.
10:15   Not some gorgeous beauty.
10:20   But
10:22   if Man Huzi knows,
10:24   there's a Blood Jade Spider.
10:26   What will he do?
10:28   Fellow Wu, you will have to get prepared beforehand.
10:35   You old brat.
10:39   You're trying to be a kind man.
10:43   If I don't show sincerity,
10:46   I'm overshadowed by you.
10:50   Han.
10:57   Hey, kiddo.
10:58   I also want to take you as my disciple.
11:02   Which master do you prefer?
11:05   Pick.
11:07   Fellow.
11:08   I've never taken on a direct disciple in my whole life.
11:10   - Well... - I've never taken on a direct disciple in my whole life.
11:12   And I won't live for long.
11:16   If you really join my sect.
11:18   Naturally, you'll inherit
11:19   my technique and legacy.
11:22   Don't worry about the revenge from him.
11:24   Though I'm not the strongest one,
11:27   I can at least
11:30   protect my one and only direct disciple.
11:35   Kiddo.
11:36   I don't care what Qing offers you.
11:40   But I'll have to remind you.
11:42   As a rogue cultivator,
11:44   he doesn't have a strong background.
11:46   Even if he promised he'd leave you all his legacy,
11:49   there's not too much.
11:52   But you know the Absolute Darkness Island is huge and powerful.
11:55   If you're my direct disciple,
11:58   no one in the Sea of Chaotic Stars
12:00   dares to mess with you.
12:04   If I didn't know your island
12:06   will use your disciple as the independent incarnation,
12:10   I would've believed it.
12:16   Han.
12:17   If I were you,
12:19   I would be the disciple of my ungrateful disciple.
12:22   You know his personality.
12:23   If you refuse,
12:24   you'll get into bigger trouble.
12:26   These three guys
12:27   all have their own plans.
12:29   If it's possible,
12:30   I don't want to choose either of them.
12:32   But I have to consider
12:34   what Xuan Gu said.
12:36   It won't get me immediate loss.
12:38   I'll remind you.
12:41   I'm good at refining puppets.
12:44   Even if the Blood Jade Spider dies,
12:46   I can refine it into a puppet to use it.
12:49   But this technique
12:51   will dramatically decrease the power of the spider.
12:53   I won't do this
12:55   unless I had no other choice.
12:58   So don't think that I will hold back for fear of causing collateral damage.
13:02   You're smart.
13:04   Make a wise choice.
13:11   I...
13:29   I
13:30   have long admired the Absolute Darkness Island.
13:32   If you do not disdain me,
13:33   I'm willing to become your disciple and serve by your side.
13:35   - Great. - Well...
13:37   You.
13:39   Good disciple.
13:41   From now on,
13:42   you'll be my direct disciple.
13:44   (The Absolute Darkness Island Han Li)
13:49   This is called Dark Ring.
13:51   I got it from an early age.
13:54   It's a token of the master-disciple relationship
13:56   and also something to protect yourself.
13:58   When you formally take me as your master,
14:00   I'll give you something even better.
14:02   This ungrateful disciple.
14:04   This is the Yin-Yang Ring I gave to him.
14:07   He even changed the name.
14:10   This is the Yin Ring.
14:12   Though it can protect you,
14:14   it is restrained by the Yang Ring on his hand.
14:18   If you use this against him,
14:20   you'll kill yourself.
14:22   Among these cunning old monsters,
14:25   I need to be extra cautious
14:27   if I want to live.
14:29   It's just that the situation forces the hand,
14:31   I can only wait for the chance to act.
14:32   A rogue cultivator has no recognition.
14:35   Han.
14:37   If you encounter trouble here with your nominal master,
14:41   remember to come to find me on Nanhe Island.
14:44   I promise I'll back you up.
14:53   You old guy, stop barking.
15:01   Go.
15:48   I didn't see Zi Ling.
15:50   So she left on the first trial.
15:52   And won't move on.
16:22   I guess Man Huzi's in a good mood.
16:25   It's smooth to pick the Life Prolonging Fruit.
16:46   (Self-awareness: Though the treasures in the Void Heaven Hall are)
16:47   (extremely precious, it is also life-threateningly dangerous for core formation cultivators.)
16:49   (From the very beginning, with the knowledge of this place,)
16:51   (Han Li sensibly abandoned any thought of going in.)
16:52   (After all, he only has one life.)
16:54   (Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 454 Attraction)
16:57   (Disciple of Patriarch of Absolute Darkness)
16:58   (Being around the cunning Absolute Darkness requires constant vigilance.)
16:59   (Otherwise, with the slightest lapse in attention, he'll get in trouble.)
17:00   (Now, all hopes are pinned on that Xuan Gu having a way to bring destruction to Absolute Darkness Island.)
17:02   (If it fails, would he really has to join the Absolute Darkness and become the disciple of that old monster?)
17:03   (He hasn't felt so powerless for a long time since core formation.)
17:04   (Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 456 In a Perilous Situation)

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