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The 106th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on Youtube (TBA). This is the 30th episode of the second cour of Speeding Through the Star Seas (星海飞驰).


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A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 462 Dangerous Situation
Totally a Different Person This woman called Yuan Yao can take temporary setbacks, and is so flexible. Now she looks weak and begs for help, but just now, she was flirtatious and mature, and she was elegant but arrogant when they first met, which brought Han Li different kinds of feelings, It's so strange. Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 462 Weeping Soul Summoning Bead A Warning from the Star Palace Don't worry that Righteous Sects and Demonic Sects would cause trouble because of it. We can tell that they're here for Void Heaven Ding. Besides, it's not like that the men of their sects died. They won't bother to do anything, and at most, they just feel angry but say nothing.


Dark Desert
Mystic Crystal Path
Dark Ice Woods
Black Fire-Thunder
Weeping Soul Beast
Weeping Soul Summoning Bead
Silver Light Mouse
Green Destiny Needle (Magic Treasure)
Flaming Iron Ants