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The 107th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on Youtube (TBA). This is the 31st episode of the second cour of Speeding Through the Star Seas (星海飞驰).


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Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 464 Refined Crystal
Queen Ant Refined Crystal
The Queen of Flaming Iron Ant ate ores day and night, there would be rare materials in its belly. it's one of the best auxiliary materials for strengthening magic treasures. Magic Treasure will become more solid after adding it, Green Bamboo Bee Cloud Acts will be more powerful, after being refined again.
Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 466 Treasure Light Pavilion
Magic Treasures Giving One by One
Bore Bead is given by Absolute Darkness, it could make one calm down, and prevent oneself from being affected by Heart Demon. Talisman treasure Green Destiny Needle, is given by Qingyi Householder. It's attack-type and Nascent Soul talisman treasure. Regius Scute, is given by Man Huzi, Defensive type treasure armor. Man Huzi has been famous because of it since before.


Myriad Dharma Sect
Grey Sky
Field Mirror
Ice and Fire Tunnels
Exquisitely Marvelous Illusory Realm
Green Destiny Needle
Splash screens
Queen Ant Refined Crystal
Magic Treasure Bore Bead
Regius Scute



Mu Tengzi
Mu Tengzi
Supervisor from Star Palace