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The 108th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 4. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on Youtube (July 2024). This is the 32nd episode of the second cour of Speeding Through the Star Seas (星海飞驰).


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Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 468 Eccentric Black Armor
Han Li in Black Armor
The black aura is like the Black Chrysanthemum in full bloom, it covers his body in a short time, and blossoms slowly. After all of it fuses and spreads, a dark black armor is formed, and it covers Han Li and those Gold-Consuming Bugs, which is indestructible.
Volume 4 Turmoil in the Outer Sea Chapter 470 Illusory Realm Dark Hall
Exquisitely Marvelous Illusory Realm
They cast sheep's eyes at Han Li, as he is their lover.
With a cold and indifferent expression on his face, Han Li ignores their gentle words. Because Han Li knows that Exquisitely Marvelous Illusory Realm is liste after Ghostly Fog and Ice and Fire Tunnels. There will be something special other than these little tricks.


Regius Scute (Splash screen)
Treasure Light Pavilion, Mysterious Realm, Outer Hall (Splash screen)
Green Bamboo Bee Cloud Acts
Exquistely Marvelous Illusory Realm



Supervisor from the Star Palace
Female cultivator calling out to "Li-gege"