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The 19th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 1. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (January 2022). It was then remastered, in English on BiliBili & Youtube (June 2023).



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Master Yan explains that Wang Chan cure is working on Yan Ruyan. Elder Liu tells Master Yan that Wang Chan cannot be trusted, therefore he goes in the master's stead. He receives the payment from Wang Chan, but is killed inside Wang Chan's Blood Spirit Formation. A subordinate informs the master that quite some time has passed without Elder Liu returning, indicating something has happened to the elder. The master however merely dismisses his subordinate, before telling Wang Chan to reveal himself. Wang Chan proposes that the Yan Clan reunify with the Ghost Spirit Sect.

Elsewhere, Han Li enters his cultivation cave and inspects his manuals and other goods. Dong Xuan calls out for him to meet her at the cave's entrance. When he exits, she attempts using her charming eyes on him to no effect. Han Li cancels her spell, and tells her to not cause trouble when they're at the Yan Ling Castle, since they're unfamiliar with their disciples. She asks him why he's so vigilant, and tries to get to know him more, but Han Li continues being strict without giving in to her familiarity.

They arrive at Yan Ling Castle flying on Han Li's boat. The first thing she does in the city is using her enchantment techniques. Han Li tells her to stop provoking strangers. While walking he notices a Mo family store. They head to the entrance and sign themselves on the competition. From a distance, Wang Chan is intrigued when he sees Dong Xuan's Natural Enhancement Body. Han Li pulls her away from flirting with two guys, and brings her to an inn.

The inn owner says they have no more room, which Dong Xuan berates him for disrespecting the Yellow Maple Valley, and Han Li continues to tell her to act more carefully. She becomes upset by how much Han Li scolds her, calling him a coward, separating from him. Han Li dismisses the inn owner. Wu Youzi comforts him that fights between dao companions are common and that he shouldn't worry too much. He introduces his senior brother Wu Fazi, senior Ba and sister Fang. Han Li clarifies that Dong Xuan and himself are merely traveling together, not dao companions. Han Li tells the owner to put their order on his tab, before leaving. He enters the Mo family store and meets Mo Caihuan.



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