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The 2nd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 1. It was published on BiliBili (July 2020), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (October 2020). It was then remastered, in English on BiliBili & Youtube (April 2023).


The episode opens with Han Li narrating their new life in God Palm Valley. Under Mo Juren's guidance, they've learnt how to read, a cultivation technique, about medicinal herbs and how to make elixirs. Han Li has even formed a Spiritual Root, reaching Rank 1 Forever Spring Skill. He also mentions how Zhang Tie nursed him back to health when he fell sick once. After treating some patients, Doctor Mo sends them out to forage for the Lingzhi mushroom at the mountain. The next day, after finding the ingredient, they're ambushed by Jiabo and his goons from the Feral Wolf Gang. Luckily, they're rescued by Li Feiyu, who passed the entrance examination this year. Feiyu sends them off, growing increasingly pale. But concerned, Han Li decides to go back to look for Feiyu, whom he finds collapsed on the road. Han Li confronts him about the Marrow Pills he's been taking, and suggests he can help him relieve the pain if only Feiyu can trust him.

At night Jiabo reports back to his uncle, Jia Tianlong, who exhasperatedly dismisses him. Monk Golden Light complaces the leader, with that this incident won't interfere with their plans. Doctor Mo checks his disciples progress, complimenting Han Li on his progress. He notices no change in Zhang Tie however, and makes him practice another cultivation method called the Way of the Armored Elephant. When Doctor Mo leaves the boys alone in the valley while he travels to gather some ingredients, Feiyu visit them more often. Feiyu and Zhang Tie practice their martial arts on the rooftop, while Han Li reads a book. After their short spar, they sit down and sharing a little about their families. The episode ends with them sitting on the roof ridge, an arm around each other, promising that they'll always be there for each other.


Han Li narrates that their new life in the valley of the gods have begun. Doctor Mo has asked them to practice some sort of exercise to strengthen their health. According to the doctor, it's takes a lot of time to achieve maximum effect, but that one's cultivation can be sped up by taking pills. Making a pill requires a lot of rare herbs. While Doctor Mo instructs his new disciples, Zhang Tie's stomach begins rumbling, and he smiles embarrassly, making Old Mo sigh. He continues that a good pill requires finding the right medicine, furthermore the ingredients' age is also important. Some medicinal ingredients must be hundres of years old before they are ripe for use. He says that preparation and measurement must be very precise, while demonstrating how he makes a pill. Once the pills are done, Zhang Tie and Han Li are excitedly high-five each other cheering "success!"

Doctor Mo also teaches them to read books, which narrator Han Li says opened his mind and added a lot of knowledge to him. Old Mo throws an ingredient to Han Li, who passes it to Zhang Tie inside the building. Because of Han Li's apparent talent with plants, Doctor Mo left him in charge of caring for the herbal garden. When Han Li becomes sick, Zhang Tie nurses him back to health. They both read into the night, Han Li deeply invested in the books, whereas Zhang Tie fell asleep. They cultivate outside and Han Li begins forming a Spiritual Root, reaching Rank 1 Forever Spring Skill.

Observing and assisting Doctor Mo in treating diseases and saving people was also beneficial to them, as they also learnt many medical techniques. Han Li hands something to Master Mo, who orders him to quickly help bandaging a wound like he taught. He instructs Han Li to not wrap it too loose, because the patient has lost too much blood. Elder Ma thanks Doctor Mo, while a disciple helps the patient leave. Returning inside, Master Mo stumbles onto his chair with a cough. Han Li reaches out his hand out of concern, which Mo dismisses by lifting his hand without a word. Instead he orders them to go to the mountain tomorrow to forage the Lingzhi mushroom as an ingredient for his medicine.

The next day, Han Li descends the cliff along a rope, which Zhang Ti is holding secured to a tree. Han Li notices the ingredient, and walks horizontally along the cliffside, successfully grabbing the mushroom. He places it in his pouch, when suddenly the rope loosens. Han Li cries out for Zhang Tie, asking him where he's going. He climbs back up and finds Zhang Tie subdued by two members of the Feral Wolf Gang. Zhang Tie says he tried warning him, but his sentence is interrupted by a hit to the head. Han Li protests that it's cowardly to be so arrogant when he's brought six people against two fresh disciples. Jiabo concedes, suggesting they fight fairly one-on-one then, he even tells Han Li he'll give him the first two hits, only to throw his scabbard at him and kicking him in the stomach immediately. He grabs the startled Han Li's head, pushing it to the ground, and kicks him in the stomach. On the ground, Han Li grabs the sword and swings it at them, causing the scabbard to fly off, almost hitting Jiabo in the face. He waves the sword at Jiabo, but is quickly subdued in an arm lock, causing him to drop the sword. Jiabo calls him a jerk, and tauntingly says how cool he'll remain after he destroys him. He starts steadily twisting Han Li's arm, when Li Feiyu shouts for them to let them go.

Feiyu nonchalantly guesses he'll have to teach them a lesson, pointing his sword hilt at them. The gang lets go of the two boys, and positions themselves facing Feiyu, ready to fight. Jiabo walks in front asking how he dares to challenge their Feral Wolf Gang. Feiyu replies that he is enough for their small numbers. Jiabo sends his five goons at him. Feiyu expertly defeats them with his martial arts. Finally Jiabo flies at him, but is soon disarmed by Feiyu. As they flee, Feiyu roars that if they step into the territory of the Seven Mysteries Sect again, he'll break their arms.

The two boys walk over, and Zhang Tie asks what he's doing there, surprised that he's also entered the Seven Mysteries Sect. Feiyu shares that he passed the entrance examination this year in second place. He begins breathing heavily, gasping for air. Han Li is impressed to see how fast he's improved in the year they've not seen him. When he coughs, Han Li senses something is wrong. Feiyu dismisses them, saying he still have business, before walking off. Han Li asks his companion what happened to Feiyu, which Zhang Tie doesn't know either. Zhang Tie calls for Han Li to begin walking back. Around the corner, we see Feiyu coughing with labored breathing, before he faints and rolls down a slope.

On their way, Han Li stops and tells Zhang Tie that he wants to go see Feiyu again, because he thinks there's something wrong with him. He tells Zhang Tie to return home with the medicine first, and that he'll follow soon. As Han Li walks off, Zhang Tie reminds him to be careful, since the Feral Wolf Gang may still be around. Han Li discovers Feiyu collapsed on the road, struggling to rise. He asks what is wrong, promising to take care of him. He rolls out his acupuncture kit and places a needle in Feiyu's neck. He notices a bottle in Feiyu's hand, and upon inspection, learns it's Marrow Pills. He describes its effects and side-effects to Feiyu, who only coughs, grabbing the bottle, taking another pill. Feiyu sternly tells Han Li to not let anyone else know of this, claiming he has no choice, as he places his sword blade on Han Li's neck. Han Li suggests he can trust him, since he can help him relieve the pain.

That night, at the Feral Wolf Gang's base (基地), Jia Tianlong recaps that there's 30-40 Seven Mysteries Sect disciples attacking them on the road, according to Jiabo, whereas others claim they entered God Hand Valley without his permission and were defeated by a no-name boy who came out of nowhere. As Jiabo is about to begin his excuse, Tianlong shuts him up. He rises intimidatingly from his chair, and approaches him. If Jiabo were not his nephew, he would have already expelled him. He glares at them, before turning around, telling them to leave before he changes his mind. Two subordinates grab Jiabo, dragging him out, while Jiabo shouts for them to let him go. From a distance, Monk Golden Light asks why he's upset if the incident will not interfere with their plans.

In God Hand Valley, Zhang Tie and Han Li are seated in front of Doctor Mo in the main residence. Doctor Mo announces it's been a year, meaning it's time to test their cultivation results. He first tests Zhang Tie's pulse, letting go with a sigh. Disappointed, Doctor Mo then checks Han Li's pulse, and is pleased to sense a Spiritual Root. Han Li grows anxious at seeing Doctor Mo's pale face. When he calls out for his master, Doctor Mo lets go, announcing that Han Li is good and have made great progress, meanwhile he asks why there's been no change in Zhang Tie even after staying there for so long. Zhang Tie begs his master not to kick him out. Doctor Mo informs him he has one last exercise he can teach Zhang Tie, which will be beneficial for the boy.

While Han Li continues cultivating as before, Zhang Tie starts his new training regiment called the Way of the Armored Elephant (象甲功). He hauls heavy logs, weight lifts large boulders and practices martial arts stands. Three months later, Doctor Mo sits on a wagon headed out of the valley to gather ingredients. He compliments Zhang Tie's progress, while telling Han Li that he'll prepare some pills for him to improve his abilities. Before leaving, he tells them continue training hard as he taught them while he's away.

Han Li narrates that he helped keep Feiyu's secret by giving him medicines. Grateful for the help, Feiyu often visited the God Hand Valley where he hung out with Han Li and Zhang Tie. Han Li is reading a book on the rooftop, while Zhang Tie asks Feiyu to test out his Elephant's Harness. Zhang Tie grabs Feiyu's leg and flings him across the roof. Han Li drops his book and catches Feiyu, telling them to calm down. Zhang Tie leaps forward throwing some punches, when Feiyu trips him up causing him to loose his balance. He grabs Zhang Tie's waistband and pulls him back up, so that he doesn't fall off the roof. He stops the fight there, and says that Zhang Tie will be as strong as him in ten more years. Feiyu then turns to Han Li, incredulously stating that he doesn't understand why Doctor Mo doesn't teach them any martial arts.

They all sit down on the roof's ridge, as Han Li says that Doctor Mo has instead taught them medicine. Feiyu laughs and jokes that the next time the Feral Wolf Gang attacks, they can just hit them over the head with a medicine box. He then says it doesn't matter, because he'll always protect them. He shares a saying which his drunkard of a father taught him. Zhang Tie concedes that Feiyu has improved rapidly, but that he and Han Li have also gained a lot of things in God Hand Valley. Han Li agrees, saying how he likes it there very much: the reading, the elegance and calmness. Although he sometimes thinks of his little sister, showing off his red bracelet. Feiyu somewhat mockingly recounts how she had run after the carriage screaming "Brother Li, Brother Li!" Han Li squints at him, explaining that Feiyu doesn't understand what it's like to have a good sister, because nobody cares about him. Feiyu protests he also has his most precious person in his heart: himself. Han Li asks if Zhang Tie misses his sisters. Zhang Tie tells them he doesn't think about them, because they would always tease him. One time they bound his whole body to the bed while he was sleeping, when he fell from the bed and hit his head on the mattress, causing him to almost go blind in one eye. But instead of showing compassion, his sisters just looked at him and laughed. That is why Zhang Tie does not miss his sisters. He brigthens the mood again by optimistically telling them that now that he's practiced the Armored Elephant, no one will dare to bully him anymore, and that he's happy to be there with them. Han Li confirms that they'll always be there for him.