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The 20th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 1. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (January 2022). It was then remastered, in English on BiliBili & Youtube (June 2023).



He enters the Mo family store and meets Mo Caihuan. The two of them take a walk and catch up. Mo Caihuan explains that since last winter, her father's former enemies (the Gate of Wuse), relying on their relationship with the Xinwang family ganged up on the Mo Estate, resulting in the family scattering and the death of Lady Yan who got caught. Caihuan was lucky to have been in Lanzhou at the time. A few months before the attack, Qu Hun suddenly didn't recognize them anymore, no longer responding to the bell, and left for the mountains near Jiayuan City. Since then, she's been wandering aimlessly until she ended up in Yan Ling Castle, where she opened a medicinal clinic. He explains how he went to Mount Tainan and entered the Yellow Maple Valley, becoming a cultivator. She asks if it's really is impossible for somebody without spiritual roots to become a cultivator, but is cut off by the fireworks.

Elsewhere, Dong Xuan is drinking with two guys. When she spots Han Li walking around with Caihuan, she frowns and storms back to her room. Han Li notices the drunken men following Dong Xuan and splits with Caihuan to check on her. He also warns Caihuan to be vary of the castle. Trailing after Dong Xuan, he finds the drunkards knocked up. He rushes to her room, and intercepts Wang Chan from abducting her. Wu Youzi and his friends ascend the stairs to inspect the situation, and Han Li reassures them it was merely a thief and apologizes for bothering them. He closes the window and rouses Dong Xuan back from her unconsciousness. Han Li inspects her pulse and says that the stalker had used a reversal spell on her, and gave her a pill to recover. He places talismans on the openings. She asks him not to leave since she's scared. Han Li sits down in a corner to cultivate.

On the day of the festival, Han Li and Dong Xuan meet up with Wu Youzi and his friends. Street musicians surround them almost to distract, and Han Li notices cultivators lined up on the roof. On the wall, Wang Chan enters with Yan Ruyan. Han Li recognizes him, and tells Dong Xuan to slowly back out of the plaza. Wang Chan announces the start of his wedding, and activates his own Blood Spirit Formation and the castle's own protective formation. Behind them, the street entertainers have changed into their Ghost Spirit Sect uniforms and equipped their weapons. Han Li uses explosive talismans to open a hole in the formation, through which himself and a couple other cultivators escape. Han Li and his friends flee, while the trapped cultivator's power are sucked away into Yan Ruyan.

Han Li and his friends contiue fending off hteir pursuers. He hands Dong Xuan a talisman and tells her to keep running. Wu Fazi is sucked by a portal. Brother Ba holds off the monster for his companions, but is quickly defeated. Han Li and Dong Xuan continue running away from the monster, until Caihuan calls them into her store for safety.