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The 21st episode of the donghua belongs to Season 1. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (January 2022). It was then remastered, in English on BiliBili & Youtube (June 2023).



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Han Li and Dong Xuan seek shelter with Mo Caihuan, and she joins them in escaping the city. She leads them to an underground exit to the city. Han Li collapses the entrance to hinder their pursuers. Wang Chan completes healing Yan Ruyan and leaves him with Master Yan. Wang Chan leaves to deal with the escapees. Dong Xuan and Mo Caihuan introduce each other while walking. They exit onto desert sand dunes, but Wang Chan catches up to them. Han Li orders Caihuan to flee, instructing Dong Xuan that they'll fight for a bit before splitting up.

When Wang Chan asks for his name, Han Li introduces himself as Li Feiyu. They fight off the pursuing monsters, and before the Blood Spirit Formation closes in on them, Han Li swings Dong Xuan outside so that she is not also trapped. Wang Chan summons a Hell Devil to fight Han Li. While fighting Wang Chan he successfully poisons him with Green Fire Poison. Wang Chan flees, and Han Li needs to quickly detox himself. He picks up Caihuan, and they reminisce about when he last left the Mo Estate. He leaves her with a caravan they come across. He can only bring her so far, since a battle in the cultivation world will soon ensue. She asks if they'll meet again, but he says he is not sure if this will be the last time. He leaves her with some elixirs, but she hugs him from behind and says she wishes she could also be a cultivator and stay by his side. He tells her to take care, before taking off. Someone from the caravan asks if she's headed to the capital, and she joins them.

Elsewhere, acolytes report back to their master, who says that Wang Chan appears to have done well, saying it's time to make the Seven Sect Alliance remember them. This marks the beginning of the great Tiannan Zhengmo war which would last for the next 200 years.