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2:02    (A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality) (Clash with the Demonic Sects)
2:06    (Episode 27) (Clash with the Demonic Sects Arc Season 1)
3:47    Let me down! Let me down!
3:49    Who are you? Don't you know who I am?
3:52    If you dare do anything to me,
3:54    I'll make you suffer the consequences!
3:56    Just wait and see!
4:24    (Han Li . Yellow Maple Valley) What's up with the demonic sects lately?
4:26    (Foundation Establishment Middle Stage) They're all small fries.
4:46    (Golden Drum Plain) (Great Seven Front Line)
4:49    I should not reveal my wealth.
4:51    I'll use a cheaper magic tool instead.
5:20    Where does this poor cultivator come from?
5:22    (Senior Wang . Yellow Maple Valley) So reckless.
5:23    (Foundation Establishment Initial Stage) Does he think he can come to the front line?
5:25    (Junior Xue . Yellow Maple Valley) I can single-handedly
5:26    (Foundation Establishment Initial Stage) beat ten losers like him.
5:39    It has been a year.
5:40    Looks like that Forgetful Pill really worked.
5:57    More than ten people of the Qi Condensation stage.
5:59    About seven or eight of the Foundation Establishment stage.
6:01    It has increased compared to the previous time.
6:21    This way, cousin.
6:44    Greetings, Elder Chen.
6:45    I'm here to send regards on behalf of my uncle.
6:48    (Elder Chen)
6:49    Little Qiaoqian!
6:52    Not bad. Not bad.
6:54    Among the younger generation in our Chen family,
6:56    you're the only one who behaves with some manners.
6:58    Please take a look, Elder.
7:01    We worked together today to kill a demonic cultivator of the Foundation Establishment stage and got this.
7:05    This guy was really crafty.
7:06    He almost got away!
7:08    It was a good thing that our teamwork left no room for escape. Isn't that right, cousin?
7:10    Of course. We got lucky today
7:12    that we met a lone cultivator and you managed to injure him.
7:14    That other time, I faced a few highly skilled demonic cultivators all alone.
7:17    You there, little fellow.
7:18    We meet again.
7:28    Not bad.
7:30    In just three days, you killed five of the Qi Condensation stage and one in the Foundation Establishment stage.
7:33    And they're from the toughest Demonic Flame Sect.
7:37    Take this.
7:38    This is a jade token for your military service.
7:41    I've already recorded down your military services.
7:45    You can go to the official warehouse to apply for some Spiritual Stones
7:48    or exchange for elixirs.
7:50    I'm sure you already understand how this works?
7:54    Yes.
7:59    Junior Han.
8:06    I haven't heard news about you for some time now.
8:08    So you've been here.
8:10    Senior Chen.
8:11    I haven't seen you in years, I hope you've been well.
8:14    Your cultivation has improved again, Junior Han.
8:17    Congratulations on killing a demonic cultivator of the Foundation Establishment stage.
8:20    I just got lucky.
8:22    At least, I didn't come back empty-handed.
8:24    Fellow, this looks like your first dealing here.
8:27    This is the second time I've killed a demonic cultivator of the Foundation Establishment stage.
8:31    Congratulations, Senior.
8:34    I still have something to attend to. I'll be leaving now.
8:40    Disciples from famous sect and commoners like us
8:43    are different after all.
8:46    Who's that kid?
8:48    I think he is Martial Uncle Li's new disciple in Yellow Maple Valley.
8:51    Martial Uncle Li?
8:54    That old man who is known to accept
8:55    weirdos regardless of their background?
8:59    Mind your words, seniors.
9:01    Martial Uncle Li is a great cultivator of the Core Formation stage.
9:03    Juniors like us cannot question his decisions.
9:06    You're right, Junior Chen.
9:08    But that kid seems to be looking down on others.
9:12    He just killed one demonic cultivator of the Foundation Establishment.
9:14    What's there to brag about?
9:15    That's right.
9:16    Here, this is a record of your military service.
9:19    Take this and go.
9:20    You're only here to cause trouble.
9:21    Elder Chen,
9:21    you're one of the Chen family.
9:24    Why do you treat an outsider better than us?
9:26    That's right.
9:27    Could that kid be related to you?
9:29    Why would there be such a thing?
9:30    Han and I are absolutely unrelated.
9:32    You had better stop with the slanders.
9:35    Why do you have a smile when you deal with him
9:37    but then give us that stiff look?
9:38    That's right!
9:39    This is the 17th time Han has killed a demonic cultivator of the Foundation Establishment stage.
9:43    He has done outstanding military service.
9:45    For a first-timer, what are you doing yapping over here?
9:49    Do I still have to give you a warm and welcoming smile?
9:55    Girl, I think this young man has many skills.
9:59    He has a good sense of propriety and his future is immeasurably bright.
10:03   If you are friends with him,
10:05   then don't miss the golden opportunity to recruit him.
10:09   In my opinion, he is much stronger than those useless persons who only rely
10:13   on their family's background to seem stronger than they actually are.
10:19   Junior Han, just what are you...
10:46   I have company.
11:20   Alright, alright, Junior Han.
11:21   Put your spiritual weapon away.
11:23   (Song Meng . Yellow Maple Valley) (Foundation Establishment Middle Stage)
11:26   Junior Han.
11:27   You really impressed me.
11:29   I've suppressed my Qi for so long,
11:30   how did you notice that I'm here?
11:32   Senior Song, the next time you attack me like this,
11:34   I might just accidentally
11:36   shave the hair off your head.
11:39   You really don't hold your words back.
11:42   No more complaints, and let's have a spar.
11:44   Let me see how much you've grown in the last three months.
11:46   No, no. Didn't we just have a round?
11:48   Did you forget so soon?
11:50   That didn't count!
11:51   Let's have another round!
11:52   That's enough, Senior Song. Let's stop this.
11:55   I'm dead beat after I got back from patrol.
11:58   I really can't beat you now.
12:06   Junior Han, let's get serious.
12:08   The thing is, Master is the one who asked me to get you this time.
12:11   Can you just pack up and follow me?
12:14   Master is here at the Golden Drum Plain too?
12:17   Not just him.
12:18   Senior Liu, Junior Wu, and even Junior Zhong,
12:21   everyone is here.
12:23   They actually summoned Core Formation stage cultivators to guard this place.
12:27   Moreover, so many core disciples have come too.
12:30   Looks like the war here is getting dire.
12:33   I'll have to make a decision soon.
12:36   Senior, look!
12:37   Haven't my cultivation grown again recently?
12:40   (Wu Xuan Zhong Weiniang) (Yellow Maple Valley. Foundation Establishment Initial Stage)
12:41   (Liu Jing . Yellow Maple Valley . Middle Stage) Mengmeng, Little Eighth, you're here!
12:43   Hurry up, hurry up!
12:50   Hurry up!
12:52   Third Senior, Sixth Senior.
12:54   Seventh Senior.
12:55   You've come to Golden Drum Plain too.
12:57   Say, Seventh Junior,
12:58   can't you change my nickname "Mengmeng"?
13:01   Just look at how nice Junior Han's nickname sounds.
13:03   Don't be rude, Junior.
13:06   Junior.
13:07   Master said you've been at the front line in Golden Drum Plain for a year.
13:10   You've made him really proud.
13:12   Who would've thought that the last one to join us
13:14   is now the one who is the most outstanding?
13:17   Brother Jing is right!
13:18   Little Eighth has been really active lately,
13:19   even the Patriarch Red Whisk has been praising him.
13:22   Unlike a certain someone who never improves,
13:24   as if his head is made of muscles.
13:26   Little Eighth is going to overtake you in cultivation!
13:28   What nonsense! I haven't been idle.
13:30   As soon as Junior Han got back,
13:31   I got him to spar with me.
13:32   We've fought twice, and it was a draw both times!
13:37   Junior Wu.
13:38   It's rare to have your Senior Song and Junior Han over today.
13:40   Why don't you greet them?
13:42   Senior Song,
13:43   and Junior Han.
13:45   Right, I'm done greeting.
13:46   I'm leaving first. Bye.
13:53   Let him go.
13:55   What a pitiful guy.
13:56   I think it's mostly because of Junior Xuan'er.
13:58   Xuan'er hasn't been paying much attention to him lately.
14:15   Seventh Senior.
14:16   Is Junior Dong Xuan'er here too?
14:21   Junior Xuan'er wouldn't let me tell you.
14:23   She got grounded by Patriarch Red Whisk before this.
14:26   You've been at Golden Drum Plain for so long
14:28   and you didn't even go back to Yellow Maple Valley to look for her.
14:30   She got so mad.
14:32   So now you finally remember her?
14:34   Seventh Senior, please don't joke.
14:36   Junior Dong and I only went on one mission together,
14:39   we don't have that sort of relationship.
14:40   Don't tease them, Weiniang.
14:43   I believe Junior Han is too eager to eliminate evils and uphold righteousness,
14:46   so he was unable to deal with growing emotions.
14:49   I don't deserve such praise, Third Senior.
14:51   Third Senior, aren't you the one with the most prominent reputation in our sect for killing monsters,
14:54   eliminating evils, and upholding morality?
14:56   You're the cornerstone of the path towards righteousness.
14:57   I still fall short as your junior.
14:59   Junior Han, you're too humble.
15:01   There's no such thing as first or second when it comes to eliminating evil.
15:04   Senior, do you know why Master has called me here?
15:08   Master did not explicitly said it
15:10   except to let you into the tent as soon as you arrive.
15:14   They said something about no rain on mountains.
15:18   Alright, then I'll take my leave.
15:29   I shouldn't stay long here.
15:31   I have to think of something.
15:36   You unscrupulous businessman!
15:37   You take advantage of your customers!
15:38   Myriad Treasures Store have so many branches
15:40   (Li Huayuan . Yellow Maple Valley Core Formation Middle Stage) and you want to calculate with us over this military service.
15:42   This Cold Ice Talisman is as good as junk from the street market.
15:44   It would've cost you at most two Spiritual Stones
15:46   and here you are, selling for twenty!
15:48   (Wang Yu . Myriad Treasures Store)
15:50   In business,
15:51   the imbalance between supply and demand of raw materials will affect prices.
15:53   The transportation of supplies to the front line will also affect prices.
15:55   Right now, every major sect and even demonic sect are scrambling for supplies.
15:58   My costs have long gone beyond that!
16:00   I am the shopkeeper of Myriad Treasures Store.
16:02   May I ask for your name and sect?
16:05   I'm Li Feiyu, a rogue cultivator.
16:08   I'm sure you'll have a bright future.
16:10   I was heavily disguised then,
16:13   and gave the name, Li Feiyu.
16:15   I don't think he'll recognize me.
16:17   What did you say? Pay the bill after you finish off the demonic sects?
16:21   Who knows how long I'll have to wait?
16:23   We're in a market economy here.
16:25   Greetings, Patriarch Red Whisk.
16:26   -Sit. -We deal fairly in business!
16:27   Yes.
16:27   Don't you understand?
16:29   Fine!
16:30   I can't win an argument with you.
16:31   But you have to remember the friendship we have as brothers from the same sect.
16:34   (Ergen's guest appearance) When you first started Myriad Treasures Store,
16:36   all of us helped to fund your business!
16:38   You said benefiting fellow cultivators comes first,
16:40   making profits comes next.
16:41   After all these years,
16:42   have you forgotten your original intention?
16:44   Have some tea.
16:45   Don't give me that, it's no use!
16:47   You said I forgot my original intention?
16:49   Back then, I couldn't afford elixirs,
16:51   (Wang Yu's guest appearance) I could only stop at Foundation Establishment stage.
16:52   What about you?
16:53   You became a great Core Formation stage cultivator.
16:55   How would you understand the hardships of low-level cultivators like us?
16:58   What are you saying at a time like this? Get it?
17:00   Fine!
17:01   So now you're blaming me for disloyalty, are you?
17:03   Your entire fortune might be worth more than the entire Yellow Maple Valley right now,
17:06   and you dare talk to me about a cultivator's hardship!
17:08   Come, come. I won't bully you.
17:10   I'll use Foundation Establishment stage cultivation to spar with you.
17:13   Let's see what you call a cultivator's hardship.
17:21   This is terrible!
17:22   A Core Formation cultivator wants to beat a Foundation Establishment cultivator!
17:24   Is this even fair?
17:25   Junior.
17:27   Mind your manners.
17:30   You're right, Senior. I should keep that in mind.
17:33   But with his cultivation,
17:34   how could I spar with him for real?
17:36   If we're sparring, we'd do something else.
17:38   Something else?


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