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2:03    (A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality) (Clash with the Demonic Sects)
2:06    (Episode 28) (Clash with the Demonic Sects Arc Season 1)
2:10    Is it fair that a Core Formation cultivator wants to beat a Foundation Establishment cultivator?
2:11    Junior.
2:13    Mind your manners.
2:15    You're right, Senior.
2:16    I should keep that in mind.
2:17    How could I spar with him for real?
2:19    If we're sparring, we'd do something else.
2:21    Something else?
2:29    It's a good thing that Han Li is here.
2:31    He has the best luck.
2:32    I'm fighting you to the very end today.
2:36    Senior, please take a look.
2:37    This is made from the carapace of a fourth-rank demonic beast.
2:39    Our sect's master craftsman painstakingly made this over the course of half a year.
2:43    They can negate all forms of spiritual probing.
2:45    There won't be a mistake in using these mahjong tiles with cultivators below the Yuan Ying stage.
2:49    This is truly the best among the highest grade of magic tools.
2:52    You turned the carapace of a fourth-rank demonic monster into a set of mahjong tiles!
2:56    And even call it a high grade magic tool!
2:57    You old gambler, you're committing a sin here!
3:01    It's good that you're here, Han Li.
3:02    We're only missing one player. Hurry up and deal with the tiles.
3:03    Yes, Master.
3:07    You want to spar with mahjong?
3:08    I think you're going to just embarrass yourself.
3:14    Seven of Characters.
3:15    Northern Wind.
3:17    Your tiles are not bad, it feels like...
3:26    It's not something you want!
3:30    Get rich.
3:32    In just a little over a year,
3:34    you've entered the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment.
3:35    I didn't think your cultivation would improve so fast.
3:39    When Xuan'er got back to the Yellow Maple Valley that day, she made a ruckus about saving you.
3:43    If I had known you had so much potential,
3:45    it would've been worth it to personally come to your aid for my disciple.
3:49    I don't deserve your praise, Patriarch Red Whisk.
3:52    I'm just glad that Junior Dong is safe.
3:54    It was just purely coincidental that
3:56    I got some elixirs from the demonic cultivators.
3:58    That was how I was able to make some progress.
4:00    But my foundation isn't stable,
4:02    I'll need to cultivate harder.
4:03    What did I tell you, Senior?
4:05    This kid have really good luck.
4:06    And he has a good sense of propriety.
4:08    He is as mature and steady as I am.
4:10    I doubt that.
4:11    He would be much stronger than you if his luck is better than yours.
4:17    I win.
4:17    You win again?
4:18    You unscrupulous businessman, aren't you done yet?
4:20    What? Why are you blaming me for a tile that you discarded?
4:23    You're such a bully! Let's have another round!
4:25    How am I a bully?
4:26    Everyone here could clearly see that I was waiting for Fifty Thousand.
4:28    You singled me out to bully!
6:05    Han Li, why didn't you come look for me?
6:08    I don't have time to come see you.
6:13    (One year ago)
6:15    You naughty girl!
6:16    (Red Whisk Cave) You still remember to come back?
6:18    Master, I'm fine.
6:19    Let's go and save Senior Han Li.
6:21    He's in danger, it'll be too late if we delay!
6:24    Look at how unruly you're behaving!
6:27    Since when have you learned to care for others?
6:29    What? No way!
6:30    I don't care about that blockhead.
6:33    I-I'm just afraid that he would get captured
6:36    and ruin Yellow Maple Valley's reputation.
6:39    Xuan'er,
6:40    you're not strong enough
6:42    and you lack experience.
6:44    I let you experience the cruelty of the human world this time.
6:46    Let's see if you dare to make any more trouble next time.
6:48    Master!
6:51    Your Martial Uncle Li sent a letter a moment ago.
6:52    He said he got news about Han Li.
6:54    He has escaped to safety.
6:56    Right now, he is at the front line at Golden Drum Plain
6:58    and joined the Seven Sects Alliance Army in the war.
7:01    Really?
7:02    That blockhead is really quite capable.
7:05    Why don't we go too, Master?
7:06    I want to beat up the demonic sects too.
7:07    Stop there!
7:11    You really don't understand the extent of your own abilities.
7:13    The war has just begun.
7:15    The front line is so chaotic.
7:16    I can't even guarantee your safety.
7:19    Besides, with Martial Nephew Han Li's current cultivation level,
7:22    no one could tell if he will be able
7:24    to survive this war.
7:28    You should forget about this man for now,
7:30    before you manifest a Heart Demon that will ruin your Cultivation Core.
7:33    Master.
7:35    Don't talk about this anymore.
7:37    From this moment onwards,
7:39    you'll stay in this cave and undergo Closed Door Training.
7:41    This is an order.
7:44    Master!
7:57    You're such a blockhead.
8:00    I got locked up by Master for so long
8:01    and you didn't even come see me.
8:03    What a waste of my good intention
8:04    to go save you.
8:22    Why would the demonic sects' main army be here?
8:26    Could they be bringing reinforcement too?
8:28    Not good.
8:29    I need to hurry and report this.
8:31    Young Master, you're indeed a wise commander.
8:33    Your intelligence clearly outshines all others.
8:35    Your plans are all meticulously thought through,
8:37    with all bases covered.
8:38    And...
8:39    Alright, alright.
8:41    Just keep quiet.
8:45    Zhong Wu.
8:47    Is there any news about that person recently?
8:48    Young Master,
8:49    I think that person has probably died in some hidden corner long ago.
8:54    Why take the trouble to care about him?
8:56    No, Young Master, you're right.
8:57    That person is such a sinister fellow,
8:59    I'm sure he must be struggling to live somewhere.
9:01    I'll send someone to go look for him
9:02    and chop him into pieces.
9:05    Why did I bump into this man again?
9:07    One really cannot avoid meeting an enemy after all.
9:10    Who's there?
9:11    Come out!
9:22    Let go!
9:30    Let me go now!
9:32    Let go!
9:41    It's you again.
9:43    What a coincidence.
9:46    What do you want?
9:56    I see,
9:59    I guessed right.
10:01   This is getting interesting.
10:08   Senior Han.
11:03   Dots.
11:05   Give me some dots.
11:05   Three of Characters.
11:07   Western Wind.
11:08   Master, Martial Aunt, and Martial Uncle.
11:19   Senior, what happened?
11:22   Something has happened to Xuan'er.
11:26   Senior,
11:26   what's going on?
11:28   The patrolling disciples at the front line sent news.
11:30   Xuan'er secretly went outside
11:31   while I'm away,
11:33   and ran into the demonic sects reinforcement army.
11:35   How is Xuan'er doing now?
11:39   They've taken her away to somewhere unknown.
11:42   How despicable.
11:43   Xuan'er must never fall into his hands.
11:46   This is an emergency.
11:47   I'm leaving first.
11:48   I'll leave defending this place to you, Junior.
11:50   Hurry and go, Senior.
11:51   I'll handle things at Golden Drum Plain.
11:53   If you need assistance, just send the word anytime.
12:01   Hurry up and go.
12:15   Back when the three of us entered the Yellow Maple Valley,
12:19   we promised to support each other.
12:21   In the end, you couldn't form a core
12:22   and went into business in a fit of rage.
12:25   Senior has the best talent
12:27   but she just had to provoke that demon Yunlu.
12:32   And I
12:33   can't reach the top or stay low.
12:35   So I've only accepted disciples
12:37   and keep working at it.
12:39   The cultivators of our generation
12:40   only wish to live as long as the world.
12:43   But this is against the natural law of order, something easier said than done.
12:46   Even with a bit of cultivation,
12:48   if one cannot follow their heart's desire,
12:51   then what's the point in cultivating for immortality?
12:53   Why are you being all melancholy, you old gambler?
12:56   You want to follow your heart
12:58   yet here you are, cowering.
12:59   You wouldn't even dare to confess,
13:01   and instead become your disciples' laughing stock.
13:03   Fine, fine.
13:04   I'm not going to add to your suffocation.
13:05   I'm leaving.
13:10   I'll send Martial Uncle off in my Master's stead.
13:15   Kid, I'll give you something for calling me "Martial Uncle".
13:18   This is the VIP token to my Myriad Treasures Store.
13:20   Show this whenever you come to Myriad Treasures Stores next time
13:23   and buy magic treasures, spiritual pills, and everything else with a 10% discount.
13:26   Take it.
13:28   Thank you, Martial Uncle.
13:30   The next time you find any thousand-year-old herbs,
13:33   remember to bring it to me.
13:36   Don't worry.
13:37   Everyone has little secrets.
13:39   I really didn't think that
13:41   after a few years of not seeing you,
13:42   you're already in the middle stage of Foundation Establishment.
13:44   Not bad, not bad.
13:45   But the way of cultivation
13:47   must never be rushed.
13:49   You must first build a solid foundation.
13:52   Old gambler.
13:54   Today is the first time I meet your disciple.
13:56   He's really not bad.
13:58   He doesn't have much future staying with you.
14:00   Why don't you let him be an apprentice at my shop?
14:02   How about it?
14:03   You unscrupulous businessman!
14:04   Why are you making the decision for my disciple?
14:06   Hurry up and leave!
14:07   Don't let me see you again!
14:15   I didn't expect
14:16   this Martial Uncle is actually a master who hides his abilities.
14:46   You're still alive, you demon.
14:49   Now that I've fallen into your hands,
14:50   whether you want to kill or slash me, just do as you wish!
14:52   Just stop humiliating me!
14:55   This is a misunderstanding, Junior.
14:57   I'm not a demon.
14:59   If we are to talk about familial relationship,
15:01   I might just need to call you my little cousin sister.
15:04   Back at the Yan family,
15:05   I got kicked by that kid
15:07   and we missed the chance to acknowledge one another.
15:10   Who would want to claim a familial relationship with demons like you?
15:12   My master is the first cultivator in Yellow Maple Valley to reach the Core Formation stage,
15:15   Red Whisk Fairy.
15:17   Let me go now!
15:18   Otherwise, when my master gets angry
15:20   you demons won't be able to handle it.
15:24   Why did you take my jade pendant?
15:26   Give it back to me!
15:27   The first cultivator in Yellow Maple Valley to reach the Core Formation stage?
15:31   Didn't your master tell you anything at all?
15:34   But since she lets you wear this jade pendant,
15:37   clearly, there are still some lingering feelings in her heart.
15:40   Looks like
15:42   this old demon Yunlu is really something after all.
15:44   He cannot make her forget about him after all these years.
15:50   That's fine.
15:52   After we reach the place,
15:53   you'll know the whole story
15:55   and you'll be thanking me for it in a heartbeat.
15:59   You're strange.
16:01   You talk to yourself,
16:04   but you wouldn't kill me
16:06   and wouldn't let me go.
16:08   What's wrong with you?
16:14   I can't be wrong. I can't be wrong.
16:16   With that body born with flattery
16:18   and this jade pendant,
16:20   I can't be wrong.
16:22   This time, Shared Joy Sect will owe my Ghost Spirit Sect
16:24   a huge favor.
16:28   Just what are you planning?
16:34   I'm taking you to your family.
16:39   Go to Shared Joy Sect.
16:41   Let's send a big gift to Patriarch Yunlu.


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