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2:00    (A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality) (Clash with the Demonic Sects)
2:07    (Episode 29) (Clash with the Demonic Sects Arc Season 1)
2:26    Martial Ancestor, we'll reach Golden Drum Plain in half a day.
2:39    Come in.
2:48    Reporting to the Martial Ancestor,
2:50    the Martial Uncle Xuan Yue that the sect have spent a year to search for
2:52    is still fruitless.
2:53    Based on the testimonies from the demonic cultivators we've captured,
2:55    he seemed to have escaped in fear of punishment.
2:58    The sect has stopped all efforts to look for him
2:59    and ordered for his arrest among the Great Seven.
3:04    He is hiding himself very well
3:06    and did not hesitate to embezzle.
3:08    He really rather risk dying for money.
3:12    I got it.
3:13    Go back and rest.
3:16    Yes.
3:42    Master.
3:44    You're saying that
3:45    you want me to go to the capital?
3:53    (Yellow Maple Valley) Back when I was only a disciple in the Qi Condensation stage,
3:56    there was a senior
3:57    who saved my life.
4:00    But he died during a trial.
4:03    After I got into the Foundation Establishment stage, I searched everywhere
4:06    and only found my senior's only son.
4:09    Unfortunately, he doesn't possess spiritual root and is unable to cultivate.
4:13    Thus, I can only swear
4:15    to guarantee his family's riches and honor as long as I'm alive.
4:19    After that,
4:20    he and his descendants have lived in the capital,
4:23    multiplying as time goes by.
4:25    Now,
4:26    it's the fourth generation already.
4:29    Since long ago, the wars in the world of cultivators have never involved the commoners.
4:33    But this time, these demonic scums laid their hands on
4:36    Jiang Country and ended its earthly dynasty.
4:40    I'm worried that they might do the same to Xu Country next.
4:45    Han Li.
4:46    You should be a citizen from Xu Country too, aren't you?
4:50    I've suffered a severe head injury before this
4:54    and I really cannot recall
4:56    where I came from.
4:57    It's fine.
4:58    I will not question your past.
5:01    Every cultivator has his own secrets,
5:04    and owes no one an explanation.
5:07    I just want you to take a trip to the capital in my stead.
5:10    If the demonic sects come for this earthly realm next,
5:13    I hope you can protect this family.
5:23    This matter can only be considered as a personal request from me.
5:26    The sect views it as taboo to get involved with earthly matters.
5:30    (Qin Family's Ancestry Records) Can you understand what I mean?
5:38    The capital lies in the central area of Xu Country,
5:39    it's the perfect opportunity to leave this place.
5:42    But...
5:43    I will do as you ask, Master.
5:45    I will carry out this task discreetly.
5:48    But...
5:49    Here he goes again.
5:50    He won't do this for nothing.
5:52    But right now,
5:54    the Great Seven are locked in a fight against the demonic sects.
5:57    This is the time to eliminate the demonic sects.
6:00    If I leave the front line now,
6:02    my heart will be plagued with unease.
6:04    The Great Seven is huge, no matter how fierce the battle turns into,
6:06    one Foundation Establishment cultivator less wouldn't matter at all.
6:09    Even though I have many disciples,
6:11    you're the only one who handles matters well.
6:12    I can trust you.
6:14    But Master,
6:15    these demonic villains took advantage while the Great Seven was short on hands.
6:17    They're too arrogant!
6:18    I often think about this
6:19    and I become so anxious that I cannot sleep.
6:21    Now,
6:22    Junior Dong is still in enemy's hands, I...
6:24    Alright, alright.
6:25    This trip counts as a sect mission.
6:27    I will take responsibility for the sect's military services, you won't be missed.
6:30    Master is so empathetic.
6:32    This promise must be kept.
6:33    I will not disappoint you, Master.
6:45    I will write a letter
6:46    to the current head of the Qin family.
6:48    You can just speak to him directly.
6:50    Do not care about the others.
6:52    You've always been cautious
6:53    I suppose I don't need to explain much to you.
6:59    Oh, that's right.
7:00    A fellow cultivator from the Masked Moon Sect
7:01    is bringing a team to the border of the capital to carry out a mission today.
7:04    They happen to pass by this place.
7:06    You can hitch a ride on her flying boat.
7:08    You can avoid attention by tagging along with them.
7:14    Alright.
7:15    Go, go. Set out earlier and come back soon.
7:18    Yes, Master.
7:51    With the merits I've earned from military services,
7:52    I've exchanged for a high-leveled elixir furnace.
7:54    I even seized some strange elixir recipes from the demonic cultivators.
7:58    I could try to refine a few elixirs when I have nothing to do while on the road.
8:03    Junior Han, are you in?
8:21    Senior Chen.
8:24    Are you here because of a military emergency?
8:28    Junior Han,
8:29    can we have a talk inside your tent?
8:34    Please.
8:46    Senior Chen,
8:48    have a seat first.
8:49    I'll pour you a cup of tea.
8:50    Don't trouble yourself.
8:51    Junior Han,
8:52    I remember that we joined the sect at around the same time.
8:54    Yes.
8:56    Based on your cultivation progress,
8:58    you should be slightly ahead of me.
9:00    It doesn't seem polite to keep calling you Junior Han.
9:03    But since I'm used to it, let's leave it be for now.
9:06    When you've broken through to the next stage,
9:07    it's not too late to change.
9:10    Senior Chen can call me however you like.
9:12    It doesn't matter.
9:14    That's right.
9:15    What brings you here, Senior?
9:19    Have you heard of my Chen Clan?
9:48    Looks like this place will turn into the front line soon.
9:52    I wonder how many of these low-level disciples
9:54    will remain after this war is over.
10:04   Martial Aunt Nangong, my Master Li Huayuan welcomes you.
10:13   Senior Chen.
10:19   My cultivation level is low
10:21   and my aptitude is much lower than everyone else.
10:23   Even though I was lucky enough to reach the Foundation Establishment stage with my False Spiritual Root,
10:26   should an emergency arise,
10:29   I'm afraid I will be holding you back.
10:32   I'm afraid I'm not qualified
10:33   to take up the position of a guest official.
10:36   I think you'd better take these Spiritual Stones back.
10:40   Junior Han, think about it again.
10:42   You only need to help my clan once within these three years.
10:45   After the three-year period, you can...
10:59   Why is it her?
11:05   Junior Han.
11:08   That senior from Masked Moon Sect
11:10   seems to be that Core Formation stage cultivator
11:12   who tested our spiritual roots at the Immortal Ascension Assembly.
11:15   Senior Chen,
11:16   you better keep these Spiritual Stones first.
11:27   Not good.
11:39   Senior Chen,
11:41   I have to set out soon.
11:43   I'll be carrying out a mission for my master, please forgive me for not sending you off.
13:07   Nangong Wan.
13:09   She's on this boat too.
13:24   I'm not angry. I'm not angry at all.
13:26   Where he is,
13:28   what he's doing, who he meets,
13:29   all that have nothing to do with me.
13:55   Have I eaten too many snacks lately?
13:58   I better control myself.
14:38   I cannot forgive him so easily after all.
14:46   What happened between us
14:47   was just an accident.
14:48   If you tell anybody about what happened between us,
14:51   you know the consequences.
14:54   She wouldn't really want to kill and silence me, right?
15:15   Although this formation isn't complete,
15:17   it should still hold for a while.
15:20   This way, I feel much safer.
15:26   I'll disembark at Yuanwu Country later.
15:29   I'll find Qi Yunxiao.
15:31   He should have completed the improvement of
15:34   this Five Elements Reversal Formation.
15:36   Then I'll see if he can repair that ancient transportation formation.
15:53   Aphrodisiac Powder.
15:57   Soul Seizing Incense.
16:00   They don't even look like proper elixirs at a glance.
16:02   (Eternal Youth Elixir)
16:06   This is
16:07   Eternal Youth Elixir.
16:09   Appearance that never grows old.
16:10   Looking forever young.
16:12   This is interesting.
16:15   I shall try it out.


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