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The 3rd episode of the donghua belongs to Season 1. It was published on BiliBili (July 2020), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (October 2020). It was then remastered, in English on BiliBili & Youtube (April 2023).


Our life in the Valley of Divine Palm began. Doctor Mo taught us how to distinguish the medicine properties of different herbs, as well as how to make elixirs with the herbs. He also taught us how to read and write. But for some reason, Doctor Mo kept urging me to practice the Forever Spring Skill. It felt a little suspicious to me. Anyway, with the company of my two friends, I had a good time after all. Until one day, I had a strange dream.


One night, Han Li has a strange dream, and awakens to a mysterious green light in the forest. Investigating the site, he discovers a glowing neon green bottle that he's unable to open. When it begins pouring down, he rushes home, wanting to show it off to Zhang Tie, who's nowhere to be found. Han Li runs into the forest looking for him, but only finds a bloody hand print and a bead on the forest ground. A month later, Mo Juren returns and reveals his true motivation as the poisoned "Ghost Hands". Disappointed at Han Li's progress, he blackmails the boy by force feeding him poison, saying he has one year to reach Rank 4 Forever Spring Skill and unblocking Doctor Mo's meridians, or they both die. He also says Zhang Tie has returned home, and introduces Han Li to Tie Nu, before leaving the valley on a quest again.

Seeing no other option, Han Li follows Doctor Mo's plan, but is stuck in a bottleneck at Rank 1. As a backup plan, he asks Li Feiyu to help teach him some kung fu. One night, the bottle begins glowing again and Han Li is finally able to open it. He tests it out on a potted plant, and realizes it helps plants mature faster. With the bottle's help, he grows enough herb to make the necessary pills, and breaks through to Rank 3. Feiyu gifts him a dagger, some books on martial arts techniques suited to Han Li's level. Six months later, Han Li successfully masters the Blinking Sword Art and breaks through to Rank 4. With his now enhanced senses, he overhears Jiabo talking with Wu Yan. He sends a carrier pidgeon to Feiyu, warning him that Wu Yan is a spy for the Feral Wolf Gang.


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Han Li has a strange dream and is startled awake by the window blowing open. When he rises to close it, he notices a bright green light in the distance. Investigating the site with a hand lantern, he discovers a glowing neon green bottle. He tries opening it, when it begins pouring down. He rushes back home, trying to show it to Zhang Tie, but his roommate is nowhere to be found. Han Li runs outside looking for him, but only finds a bloody handprint and a bead on the forest ground.

One month later, Mo Juren returns home earlier than expected. Han Li asks about Zhang Tie, and Doctor Mo informs him that Zhang Tie returned home because he was homesick. He also introduces Iron Slave (铁奴Tiě nú), before asking to inspect Han Li's progress, noticing that Master Mo is missing a bead on his bracelet.

Doctor Mo reveals his real identity as "Ghost Hands", and how began aging rapidly after being poisoned. He needs someone with at Rank 4 Forever Spring Skill to unblock his meridians to be cured, but is disappointed that Han Li has not progressed much in the time he was away. Now that he only has one year left, Doctor Mo forces Han Li to drink poison that will also kill him in one year. Either Han Li reaches Rank 4 and unblocks his meridians before he returns again, or Doctor Mo kills him. Han Li realizes there's no way out other than following Doctor Mo's plan, but he also prepares a backup-plan, predicting that Doctor Mo may not let him go even then.

While he's stuck in a bottleneck at Rank 1, Li Feiyu visits asking for Zhang Tie. Han Li holds back from telling Feiyu of the predicament he's in, because it might put him in danger, but he asks Feiyu to teach him some advanced kung fu skills in 6 months. Feiyu claims something like that's impossible to achieve in 6 months when he doesn't have any internal strength. He has to leave since he's still on patrol, but tells Han Li to take care.

At night, the bottle begins glowing mysteriously on the table. Han Li inspects it and discovers he's able to open it now. Deeming it too risky to drink without precautions, he tests it on a potted plant first, like he did in his dream. The next morning, the plant has matured rapidly, turning into a small tree sapling. Han Li begins applying a drop of the strange green liquid to his watering bucket. Now he is able to harvest and refine more pills, and he manages to break through to Rank 3.

In a secluded space, Feiyu teaches Han Li the Blinking Sword Art. He has also brought some books, saying none of the other disciples would bother with such low level techniques and probably won't even notice they're gone. He also gifts Han Li a dagger, who's so busy studying, he almost doesn't reply.

Six months later, he successfully masters the Blinking Sword Art. When he reaches Rank 4, he gains enhanced senses, allowing him to notice Jiabo discussing with Wu Yan, who turns out to be a double-agent. Han Li sends a carrier pidgeon to warn Feiyu.