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2:01    (A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality) (Clash with the Demonic Sects)
2:06    (Episode 30) (Clash with the Demonic Sects Arc Season 1)
2:17    Senior Han.
2:19    We haven't reached the capital yet.
2:21    I have another mission to carry out, I'll be taking my leave first.
2:30    Oh, that's right.
2:32    I have something I'd like to ask you to pass to Senior Nangong.
2:47    Reporting to the Martial Ancestor.
2:50    That person has disembarked?
2:51    Yes, Martial Ancestor.
2:52    He disembarked at Yuanwu Country,
2:54    but left this behind.
2:56    Oh, what is it?
2:59    Martial Ancestor, it's an elixir. He said it's called Eternal Youth Elixir.
3:03    He said I must pass it to you.
3:04    Eternal Youth Elixir?
3:07    How dare he fool me with something like this?
3:18    What does he mean? Is he implying that I'm old?
3:25    Forget it, I'll beat him to death someday.
3:30    Bring that elixir over here.
3:32    Don't mention about this to anyone.
3:34    Especially to my senior.
3:36    Yes.
3:38    Bring me some snacks, the ones with stuffing.
3:42    Yes.
3:44    You cannot tell senior about this too.
3:49    Yes.
4:00    I'm not in. Leave a message if you need anything.
4:04    Leaving his shop unattended, where has this Qi Yunxiao gone off to?
4:08    Senior, are you here to buy formations?
4:16    (Flaming Cloud Sword)
4:20    The third lot.
4:24    The magic tool, Flaming Cloud Sword.
4:26    Refined by a cultivator in the Core Formation stage
4:28    imbued with the fire technique, Flaming Cloud.
4:39    The bid starts at 200 Spiritual Stones.
4:41    300 Spiritual Stones!
4:42    Number 12 with 300 Spiritual Stones.
4:43    350 Spiritual Stones.
4:45    Number 20 with 350 Spiritual Stones.
4:47    -350 Spiritual Stones. -380 Spiritual Stones.
4:48    Number 18 with 380 Spiritual Stones.
4:50    380 Spiritual Stones.
4:52    This auction barely started and there are already so many valuable items.
4:54    Number 20!
4:55    -400 Spiritual Stones. -Looks like we didn't come in vain this time.
4:57    Heh, it's just a trinket imbued with a fire technique.
4:59    Is there a higher bid?
5:01    Let's keep our Spiritual Stones for something else. It's still early.
5:03    580!
5:05    What? 580 Spiritual Stones!
5:07    580 Spiritual Stones!
5:09    Is there a higher bid?
5:11    Anymore bids?
5:12    The bid stands at 580 Spiritual Stones.
5:14    I didn't think there would be such a place underneath this shop.
5:17    580 Spiritual Stones, going once!
5:18    The lowest of them is at Foundation Establishment Initial Stage.
5:21    580 Spiritual Stones, going twice!
5:24    580 Spiritual Stones, going thrice!
5:27    Sold!
5:28    My Flaming Cloud Sword! It's mine!
5:31    Congratulations to Bidder Number 18.
5:33    After the auction, please come to the backstage with your Spiritual Stones.
5:37    You may also barter for it with something of equal value.
5:42    For the next lot.
5:47    (Eternal Youth Elixir) Eternal Youth Elixir, two of them.
5:51    They're top-grade elixirs.
5:52    I want it.
5:53    These are rare items made by the Shared Joy Sect.
5:56    There isn't much of it on the market,
5:58    as you all already know.
6:00    The bid starts at 100 Spiritual Stones.
6:04    Eternal Youth Elixir?
6:05    What is it for?
6:06    Don't fight me for it.
6:08    I want it!
6:09    -I want it! -I want it too!
6:12    -I want it! Give it to me! -I want it!
6:15    Don't fight me for it! It's mine!
6:17    I want it too!
6:19    A guy wants it too?
6:21    That's so disgusting! Why does he want it?
6:37    150!
6:38    160!
6:39    260!
6:41    280!
6:42    Anymore bids?
6:47    -520! -570!
6:49    570 Spiritual Stones, going thrice!
6:53    Sold!
7:08    My two Eternal Youth Elixirs actually fetched such a high price.
7:11    It's almost as valuable as high-grade magic tools.
7:13    Just who was it that said the cultivation world doesn't care for beauty?
7:19    Lot 28 is also the last lot for the day.
7:25    Please take a look.
7:27    Let's see what treasure this is.
7:30    (Millennium Golden Zoysia) What kind of treasure is it? Quick, open it up!
7:32    (Millennium Golden Zoysia)
7:37    So fragrant.
7:38    What is this treasure?
7:41    This is a Millennium Herb! It's a rarity!
7:44    One stalk of Millennium Golden Zoysia.
7:47    No starting bid.
7:50    How much should we bid?
7:52    Yeah.
7:53    This strong medicinal fragrant is truly worthy of a thousand-year spiritual plant!
7:56    This must cost a few thousand Spiritual Stones!
7:57    In your dreams.
7:59    As valuable as Spiritual Stones are, a thousand-year spiritual plant isn't something you'd come by every day.
8:03    If I had known this, I wouldn't have bought that Flaming Cloud Sword.
8:06    What are you waiting for? Just fight for it!
8:08    It's good enough to have bought my Eternal Youth Elixirs.
8:11    Isn't that the Millennium Herb I traded with Myriad Treasures Store years ago?
8:16    Could the one behind is auction be that profiteering martial uncle?
8:22    I'll try using the VIP token he gave me later.
8:24    1000 Spiritual Stones!
8:25    The first offer is 1000 Spiritual Stones!
8:27    -Is there a higher bid? -1100!
8:28    -1100, 1100. -1200.
8:31    -1200. -1300!
8:33    Fellow cultivators with purchasing power, do not wait any longer!
8:36    This is a Millennium Herb!
8:37    -You might not come across one in decades! -1500 Spiritual Stones!
8:39    There's a bid from there. 1500! 1500 Spiritual Stones!
8:42    The one in the back row!
8:43    Wait a minute.
8:46    Who's that?
8:50    Doesn't he know the rules?
8:51    (Qi Yunxiao. Qi Condensation Eighth Level)
8:52    How could he just bust in?
8:53    (Qi Yunxiao. Qi Condensation Eighth Level)
9:00    Honorable seniors, I must have this herb.
9:03    I beg everyone to let me have it.
9:05    -Guards! -Yes!
9:06    Guards!
9:07    Can anyone simply enter here for fun?
9:09    Why would a cultivator in Qi Condensation stage like him need a Millennium Herb?
9:12    Throw him out. Throw him out.
9:13    -Throw him out. -Throw him out.
9:15    Qi Yunxiao? Why is he here?
9:18    He doesn't even disguise himself. That's too careless.
9:21    Guards, take him away!
9:22    Wait a minute, wait a minute.
9:24    I'm the master of formations within the capital, Qi Yunxiao.
9:28    I am looking for this Millenium Golden Zoysia to save someone.
9:30    I
9:32    am willing to use two formations of the highest quality
9:34    to bid against everyone here for this herb.
9:36    Two formations of the highest quality?
9:37    -Two formations. -Two formations.
9:38    Don't they worth at least 3000 to 5000 Spiritual Stones?
9:41    This kid is really going for it.
9:43    A moneybags in Qi Condensation stage.
9:45    Truly a moneybags.
9:48    These two are suspicious.
10:16   I hold no grudges against the two of you. Why do you want to kill me?
11:07   Ruyin, I'm sorry.
11:29   Senior Han.
11:42   (Xin Ruyin . Qi Condensation Seventh Level)
11:49   Brother Qi, you're finally back.
11:52   Come.
11:58   Are you alright?
11:59   I'm fine, I'm fine. Come and meet this Brother Han.
12:01   I mean, Senior.
12:06   I was careless and got targeted by someone.
12:08   I escaped thanks to his rescue.
12:12   Oh, that's right.
12:13   The Millennium Herb that you previously took
12:15   was sold to me by Senior Han.
12:18   We promised him to improve the Five Elements Reversal Formation.
12:23   We're just in time to hand it over to him.
12:25   This young woman
12:26   must be formations expert that Qi Yunxiao has feelings for.
12:33   I've heard Brother Qi mentioned about you.
12:36   I, Xin Ruyin, am truly grateful
12:38   to you for saving me.
12:40   The formation has been fine-tuned.
12:42   Please have a seat, Senior. I'll get you some tea.
12:56   Brother Yunxiao,
12:58   I actually came here this time to ask for your help in identifying an object.
13:01   But I didn't expect to bump into you while you got caught in trouble.
13:05   Miss Ruyin,
13:06   you had better teach my Brother Yunxiao a lesson.
13:09   The human heart bears evil,
13:11   and it's especially so in the cultivation world.
13:13   You must understand the reason for not revealing your wealth.
13:18   You're right, Senior Han.
13:20   It's my fault for being reckless.
13:22   I didn't get the spiritual plant
13:24   and even got targeted myself.
13:26   But speaking of which,
13:28   just where did those two thieves come from?
13:31   Judging by their clothes and weapons,
13:34   they seem like a standard issue.
13:37   They can't be from a large prominent family, can they?
13:42   It doesn't matter.
13:43   We've erased all traces of them just now.
13:48   But for safety's sake,
13:49   why don't the two of you find somewhere quiet
13:52   and stay there for some time?
13:54   Lie low until things settle down.
13:57   S-S-Stay
13:58   -Stay away for some time sounds good too. -Brother Qi.
13:59   We aren't married yet.
14:07   That's right, Senior Han.
14:10   Just now you mentioned an object you want me to identify.
14:31   Transportation, stabilization, acceleration, transmission of spiritual energy, amplification.
14:39   I cannot believe the legendary ancient transportation formation truly exists.
14:45   You only need to inject spiritual energy into this formation
14:47   to instantly travel to a place thousands of miles away in a flash.
14:51   No.
14:53   I think it needs to be complemented with a Teleportation Token
14:55   to be able to withstand the spatial turbulence.
14:59   But
15:01   from the look on your face,
15:03   I believe this Teleportation Token is not a problem for you.
15:12   It's unfortunate that this formation is incomplete.
15:16   One corner got broken off.
15:18   It cannot be used.
15:21   Can the two of you repair this ancient transportation formation?
15:29   Senior Han, as Ruyin had mentioned
15:32   this formation is old and damaged.
15:35   Its restoration will require an extreme amount of high level materials.
15:39   In terms of Spiritual Stones, the amount isn't small at all.
15:41   As for the time,
15:42   it might probably take about one and a half year to complete.
15:46   It's fine as long as it can be repaired.
15:48   The two of you don't worry about the expenses.
15:51   I will bear all of it, of course.
15:54   Moreover, I have a stalk of Millennium Golden Zoysia as compensation
15:59   to be traded with Brother Yunxiao at a fair price
16:01   to cure Miss Ruyin's illness.
16:03   Millenium Golden Zoysia.
16:04   Yin'er,
16:06   we can cure you now.
16:08   Senior Han,
16:09   I cannot repay
16:11   this debt of kindness.
16:12   Senior Han,
16:14   the truth is,
16:15   I was born with a body afflicted with the Dragon's Cry.
16:18   The higher I cultivate, the more my meridians will gradually get displaced.
16:21   It's something that is hard to cure with medicine.
16:23   I'm very fortunate to be able to live up to this day.
16:27   There's no need to trample on Brother Qi's intention and waste Senior Han's spiritual herb again.
16:32   Besides,
16:34   the war between demonic sects and Great Seven are in full swing,
16:37   this ancient transportation formation will inevitably attract attention.
16:41   Senior Han, you're strong enough to protect yourself.
16:45   Our cultivation level is low,
16:47   so how can we protect ourselves?
16:48   This young woman is afraid that I will kill them as soon as they've served their purpose.
16:53   Looks like I need to dispel her doubts.


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