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The 36th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 2. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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Han Li continues to try break the cocoon. Finding the efforts fruitless, he decides to slow him down, and deal with the others first. Chamberlain Wang Yi and Demon Little Prince. He pursues Wang Yi, while leaving the Five Friends of Mengshan to deal with the Little Prince. Han Li knocks im to the ground with a fireball, and confronts him about decriminating the Mo family. Wang Yi begs him to let him go, but Han Li decrees he should just die. Dealing a finishing blow with his blades, Wang Yi crumbles away. Han Li returns to join the Mengshan brothers, where he subdues the Little Prince. He tells the Mengshan Five to watch over him, as he needs him alive.

The Heavenly Shrouding Bell is destroyed as Tie Luo emerges from his cocoon, now demonized in the Foundation Establishment middle stage. Han Li struggles in the battle and uses Azure Essence Sword Evasion Art, then unleashing his five salamander puppets who are subsequently destroyed. He manages to land a hit before unleashing Giant Sword spell, which is destroyed by the demon. Ordinary magic tools are unable to pierce it. The Mengshan brothers jump into harms way and asks them to stall him. Han Li uses his shield to defend. He intends to use the Talisman Treasure to deal with him. Finally annoyed enough, the demon decides to off the Mengshan first. Old Third masterfully taunts and evades him. Finally, Han Li unleashes Heavenly Suppressing Ruler, as the Mengshan flees.



Mengshan's Old Third
Mengshan's Old Fourth
Mengshan's Old Second
Mengshan's Eldest