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The 37th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 2. It was published on BiliBili (TBA), and later in English on BiliBili (TBA).


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Han Li regroups with the Five Friends of Mengshan, and hands them some healing elixirs. He discovers that Tie Luo escaped, leaving behind his arm. On the map, he sees that he escaped to the eastern gate. He uses the Soul Searching Technique on the Little Prince, learning that the cult's lair is located underneath the royal palace. They collected so many rogue cultivators to perform Demonic Blood Sacrifice Ritual. After Han Li releases his spell, Little Prince performs suicide by poem.

The Mengshan Five finishes burying the demonic blood cultivators, and hands over the loot to Han Li. Han Li offers them some items in return. They beg him not to chase them away, but explains they should leave the capital and lie low until, lest the evildoers kill them. They part ways, and they promise to come to his aid if he calls upon them in the future.

Tie Luo enters the sect's hall in the capital, saying it's urgent. He reports to the founder. Hearing that Han Li uses spiritual puppets, Qing Wen suggests if Han Li is a member from the Thousand Bamboo School in the far west. Bing Yao suggests he is just trash rogue cultivator if he mingles with someone like the Five Friends of Mengshan. They are sent to investigate, with Qing Wen at the helm. Tie Luo is asked to stay behind, so that the founder may heal him.

At Li Huayuan's camp in Golden Drum Plain, Hong Fu visits, but with no news of Dong Xuan's whereabouts. He has sent Little Jing to the capital as reinforcements.



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