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2:00    (A Record of Mortal's Journey to Immortality) (Clash with the Demonic Sects)
2:06    (Episode 38) (Clash with the Demonic Sects Arc Season 2)
2:21    This old demon Yunlu sure knows how to enjoy life.
2:27    What is this place?
2:28    You villain,
2:29    why did you bring me here?
2:31    Xuan'er, you'll know soon enough.
2:41    Zhong Wu.
2:43    Send my greeting.
2:43    Yes.
2:51    Wang Chan from the Ghost Spirit Sect
2:53    wishes to seek an audience with the Immortal Yunlu of the Shared Joy Sect.
2:55    Please send a message.
2:59    (Shared Joy Sect Campsite)
3:01    (Shared Joy Sect Campsite) So the kid from the Wang family is here.
3:03    What now?
3:05    Are you here to ask for medicine?
3:08    You're so young but you can't get it up already?
3:12    Or perhaps
3:14    have you come on behalf of your father?
3:17    You're amusing, Senior.
3:19    I've gotten hold of a rare object.
3:21    I thought it might have something to do with you.
3:24    Hence, I'm here to pay you a visit.
3:26    If you keep teasing me,
3:28    then I believe my effort is not being appreciated.
3:31    A rare object? Let me have a look.
3:37    Young Master.
3:38    When he said medicine, did he mean the Aphrodisiac Powder?
3:41    If you want that, then I have them too!
3:43    Mine probably works better than his!
3:44    Scram!
3:45    Who'd want something like that from you?
3:53    How fast.
3:56    Greetings, Patriarch Yunlu.
4:00    (Nascent Soul Middle Stage)
5:37    You've grown so big in the blink of an eye.
5:40    What did you say your name was?
5:43    Senior,
5:45    my name is Dong Xuan'er.
5:48    Dong Xuan'er.
5:53    After all is said and done, she still wouldn't accept me.
5:58    Otherwise, she wouldn't let you take her surname.
6:03    If her heart doesn't yearn for me,
6:06    then why did she let you wear this jade pendant?
6:11    She even used my courtesy name to name you.
6:16    This maiden
6:19    remains as awkward as before.
6:23    Xuan'er,
6:24    you're not strong enough
6:25    and you lack experience.
6:27    Master.
6:32    Was everything you said the truth?
6:35    Master...
6:38    My master is a person who walks the righteous path.
6:40    Why would she and you...
6:41    Who walks the demonic path?
6:44    Who taught you these cliche sayings?
6:47    The so-called Great Seven
6:48    actually branched out from my Six Sects.
6:51    A few hundred years ago, during the invasion of the righteous allies and the prairie inhabitants,
6:55    they took the chance to escape Xu Country and established their own sects.
6:57    They proclaimed themselves to be dignified
6:59    but they were just a group who sought fame.
7:03    Senior, is that true?
7:07    Who do you think Senior Yunlu is?
7:09    Why would he lie to you?
7:11    The Masked Moon Sect
7:13    was splintered off from Shared Joy Sect.
7:15    Spiritual Beast Mountain originated from the Shield Spirit Sect.
7:19    The Yan's Family has now returned to my Ghost Spirit Sect.
7:23    Looks like the Great Seven is about to disband.
7:27    Alright.
7:28    As your father, it looks like
7:31    I need to tutor you from the beginning.
7:34    Why should the offspring of a tiger remain in the company of the cattle and sheep?
7:38    Xuan'er,
7:39    from today onwards, you'll be my direct disciple.
7:43    That inherited talent you're born with
7:45    should be used to practice my Shared Joy Sect's supreme cultivation method.
7:54    So this is called inherited talent.
8:01    Senior, congratulations on your reunion with Junior today.
8:04    Allow me to toast you.
8:07    Little kid from Wang family,
8:09    you've done a good job this time.
8:11    I will remember this favor from the Ghost Spirit Sect.
8:15    However,
8:16    how did you meet with Xuan'er?
8:19    Didn't her mother stop you
8:22    from taking her here?
8:25    Junior Dong and I
8:27    can be considered acquaintances.
8:29    Some time back, Junior was at Yan's Family to gain experience
8:32    and we even butted heads.
8:34    I've noticed then that she has inherited talent in her,
8:37    so I made some preparations.
8:40    But the Yellow Maple Valley practices the same indecency as their predecessors.
8:43    You...
8:44    They arranged for a male and female disciple to train together.
8:46    They were clearly playing matchmaker.
8:50    At that time,
8:52    she looks like her heart was in distraught.
8:56    You had better be careful.
8:58    Don't be fooled by that despicable man,
9:01    and disrupt your Cultivation Core.
9:06    Did such a thing happen?
9:08    What is his name?
9:09    His sleazy name is not even worth mentioning.
9:12    But since you asked about it,
9:15    his name is
9:17    Li Feiyu.
9:27    I've been cultivating for so long,
9:28    so why do I still sneeze?
9:30    I have a bad feeling about this.
9:33    I should not waste my time on other things.
9:35    Cultivate.
9:39    (Level 6 Azure Essence Sword Art) Right now, I mainly practice the Azure Essence Sword Art,
9:42    (Foundation Establishment Middle Stage) and I've reached Level Six
9:43    and got to Foundation Establishment Middle Stage.
9:45    Using the spiritual herb grown with the help from the green bottle,
9:47    (Foundation Establishment Final Stage) getting to Foundation Establishment Final Stage
9:48    is just a matter of time.
9:49    Unfortunately, the probability of my False Spiritual Roots forming a core is too low.
9:53    (Foundation Establishment Final Stage) I can only rely on the Three Revolutions Acts
9:54    (Three Revolutions Acts) that I've previously learned.
9:55    (Foundation Establishment Final Stage) Only by dispersing my cultivation and reconstructing it
9:56    while repeatedly compress my true essence
9:58    (Core Formation) can I have the chance to break through to the next stage.
10:01   But
10:02   there was a type of spiritual herb in Little Prince's memory.
10:04   Five Elements Fusing Elixir can boost my chances to form a core.
10:08   And there's a secret demonizing cultivation method.
10:12   That secret method can form a Demonic Core.
10:15   But this information can only be obtained through the Black Demon Cult's founder.
10:19   Though I'm unwilling to take the risk, but I guess I have to meet that person.
10:22   I hope the reinforcements sent by Master are enough.
10:29   Speaking of which,
10:30   my recent battles
10:32   had gone more smoothly than I expected.
10:35   Right now, I can use both the sword and talisman on the offensive.
10:39   On the defensive, I can use evasion and formation.
10:42   I can use talisman treasures to kill.
10:43   I have the silk threads to launch sneak attacks.
10:45   I can use Shifting Smoke Steps to escape.
10:48   I can use the Amplication Booster and Puppet Arts to pick my fights.
10:52   I can at least protect myself if I run into a fight with a cultivator at my level.
10:58   Could they have found me?
10:59   Not good. I have to run.
11:01   Young Master Han.
11:03   Young Master Han!
11:04   Your friends are here to visit you.
11:12   Young Master Han, do you know these guests?
11:15   Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival.
11:16   If they're bad guys, I'll help you throw them out.
11:20   No need to trouble you.
11:29   Welcome.
11:51   Junior Han,
11:53   what was the evil cult
11:55   in your letter all about?
11:56   This evil cult is called the Black Demon Cult
11:59   and have occupied the capital for years.
12:02   It has strongholds all over Gu Country and more than a thousand followers.
12:05   It has four Blood Servants in the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage.
12:08   And there's its founder who is suspected to be close to completing the Final Stage of Foundation Establishment.
12:12   This mission is not going to be easy.
12:37   Juniors, what are you all hesitating about?
12:40   Junior Song, don't you usually like fighting with others?
12:44   Why are you quiet now?
12:47   Alright.
12:48   Since Third Senior said so,
12:50   then I won't miss this grand show.
12:52   If Brother Jing is going, then I go too!
12:56   Junior Han,
12:57   you're the one who discovered the trails of this Black Demon Cult.
13:00   Do you have any opinions of them?
13:01   Third Senior, you were right.
13:03   This evil cult has harmed countless people
13:05   but the location of their lair
13:07   is at a very tricky place.
13:12   (Capital) Everyone, please take a look.
13:15   This is a mark I left on one of the villain's body before.
13:18   This place is the library located in the garden of the imperial palace.
13:24   Junior Han,
13:26   It is prohibited to set foot inside the imperial palace's gates.
13:29   If we rashly break in,
13:30   we will not be able to suffer the consequences should any mishaps happen.
13:33   He's right.
13:34   Sixth Senior,
13:35   they behave so unscrupulously because they've anticipated this.
13:39   I'm afraid that even the current emperor of this dynasty
13:41   has been reduced into their puppet.
13:43   Then we should act as soon as possible.
13:45   They're clearly using this prohibition
13:47   to stop us from taking any actions that might harm the people.
13:48   If we shrink back in fear, then we'd be doing exactly what they wanted.
13:51   There are times when
13:52   the rules are more important than what is right or wrong.
13:54   Rules are decided by man.
13:56   Right or wrong is decided by the Heavens! How can you compare the two together?
13:59   If our superiors are to blame us,
14:00   then I, Liu Jing, will take full responsibility for this!
14:02   Third Senior!
14:04   Aren't you being too impatient?
14:07   You two usually get along very well.
14:09   Why are you two arguing now?
14:11   Junior Han,
14:12   can you say something?
14:17   My two seniors,
14:18   I'm actually in agreement
14:21   to raid this evil cult's stronghold as soon as possible.
14:23   I have no other reason
14:24   except the fact
14:25   that this person is likely in Closed Door Cultivation.
14:27   If we ignore this and he broke through to the next stage,
14:29   then this evil cult will really be something beyond our hands.
14:33   Little Eighth, do you mean
14:35   that the founder of Black Demon Cult is trying to form a core?
14:39   That's impossible!
14:40   You're right, Senior.
14:42   Once a person cultivates through blood sacrifices,
14:43   he can no longer form a core.
14:45   But there's a secret method within the Black Demon Cult
14:47   that can form a Demon Core.
14:49   When that happens, I don't know how many people will be dragged into this catastrophe.
14:51   Junior Han's words makes sense.
14:53   Strike while they're unprepared,
14:53   and throw them into a chaotic mess.
14:55   We cannot let this opportunity slip!
14:56   Yes.
14:57   We'll attack while he's vulnerable!
14:59   Junior Han, the fact that they hid within the imperial palace
15:02   was something you didn't know or did you forget to mention it?
15:07   Senior Wu,
15:09   I thought we will not sit idly by and allow them
15:11   to harm others no matter where these villains may be.
15:15   Junior Wu, are you coming or not?
15:17   Just give it to us straight.
15:23   It seems my presence here is an eyesore.
15:25   So I'll leave first.
15:27   I hope you will all reconsider this before acting.
15:30   Do not bring harm onto yourselves.
15:35   Is he leaving?
15:37   He really have an unlikable personality.
15:41   Let him be.
15:45   But...
15:46   With just the strength of the four of us combined,
15:48   I'm afraid it isn't enough.
15:54   I've already made arrangement for that.
15:55   Qiaoqian is on a mission nearby too.
15:57   So I've already called her to come by.
15:59   Today happened to be the Mid-Autumn Festival, right?
16:01   It's been a long time since I have had fun with her.
16:03   You mean, Junior Qiaoqian from the Chen family?
16:07   She'll be a great help!
16:08   Good job, Weiniang.
16:10   Senior Chen, why is it her again?
16:12   Alright then, business aside,
16:14   let's plan where we're going to have fun tonight!
16:19   Young Master Han, you'll have to do your best as our host!
16:35   What a bully.
16:37   This bastard is too arrogant!
16:40   He suddenly invited so many of his piss-poor relatives.
16:42   Did he think my Qin Mansion is a charity house?
16:45   Don't be angry, Young Master.
16:46   Young Master Han is a newcomer, he probably doesn't understand the social norms.
16:49   But the Master treats him so favorably now,
16:52   so why don't you be the bigger person and don't bother about him?
16:56   Fine.
16:57   Since I can't do anything to him,
16:59   that doesn't mean I can't do anything to those good-for-nothings.
17:23   Uncle He, do you have any news on those two persons?
17:25   I haven't seen Chamberlain Wang again today.
17:28   It's like he has vanished.
17:30   Little Prince hasn't appeared in public for some time too.
17:33   According to rumors,
17:34   they followed that old immortal master to wander the world and cultivate.
17:38   In the recent days,
17:39   it seems like the royal mansion is in a state of panic.
17:44   Brother Han,
17:45   so it really was you.
17:48   Miss, what's wrong?
17:52   Where are you going?


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