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The 4th episode of the donghua belongs to Season 1. It was published on BiliBili (July 2020), and later in English on BiliBili & Youtube (October 2020). It was then remastered, in English on BiliBili & Youtube (April 2023).


One night, I found a mysterious green bottle. (…) On the same night, Zhang Tie disappeared. And I became alone again. It turned out that Doctor Mo had an evil plan. He forced me to take poison. He wouldn’t give me the antidote unless I reached the stage four in practicing the Forever Spring Skill. When I felt so helpless, I accidentally [learnt that the] small green bottle that had spiritual liquid inside. It had the power to accelerate the growth of the herbs. With the help of the herbs, I broke through the practice bottleneck quickly. Moreover, I found out by chance that Wu Yan colluded with the Wolf Gang to rob the supply carriage.


The Feral Wolf Gang's ambush on the sect's supply chain is thwarted, thanks to Li Feiyu's warning. Jiabo retreats, and Elder Ma thanks Feiyu, promising him a reward, and to surely punish the traitor Wu Yan. Six months later, Han Li reaches Rank 6 and continues preparing to face off with Mo Juren. Before dawn, he enters Mo's residence where he receives the antidote. For not letting go of Han Li's arm after inspecting his progress, Han Li attacks his master using a smoke bomb and Shifting Smoke Steps, managing to slice Mo's leg with his poison coated blade. Master Mo hits Han Li with his Demonic Silver Hands, before the boy is suckerpunches by Tie Nu.

In a secret cellar, Mo activates Seven Ghosts Soul-Devouring Art and tries to perform Soul Replacement on Han Li's body. Fortunately, Han Li manages to overpower his master, since he's on Rank 6, not Rank 4 like he had falsely reported. Waking up to Mo's lifeless body, Han Li discovers he's been poisoned again during the fight, and scrambles for an antidote. Underneath a loose floorboard, he discovers a hidden chest. But upon trying to leave with the chest, he is attacked by Tie Nu. The Iron Slave is unresponsive to Han Li's reasoning. After being knocked to the wall, he accidentally discovers that the Soul-summoning Bell can freeze and unfreeze Tie Nu's movements. The episode ends with Han Li reaching out to unmask the mysterious Tie Nu.


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The Feral Wolf Gang ambush the sect's supply carriage, but instead of being taken by surprise, Li Feiyu and other martial arts disciples emerge from the carriages. Han Li assists the unit from the trees, taking out archers with his dagger. The ambushers are soon forced to surrender their weapons, while Jiabo and a few others flee the scene. Feiyu compliments Han Li's progress, stating they can finally fight side-by-side. Elder Ma thanks Feiyu for warning them of the ambush. Six months later, Han Li has reached Rank 6 of the Forever Spring Skill and learnt Shifting Smoke Steps. In preparation for the facedown with Doctor Mo, he has prepared the Blinking Sword Art, smoke bombs and poison.

Before dawn, he enters Mo's residence and reports he's reached Rank 4. Upon request, Mo Juren hands him the antidote, which Han Li takes immediately. Doctor Mo tells him to get seated, while he checks his progress. He's very pleased, and when Doctor Mo doesn't let go when asked, Han Li attacks with his dagger. Han Li fires the smoke bomb and tries ambushing Doctor Mo with Shifting Smoke Steps. When Doctor Mo uses his Demonic Silver Hands (魔银手Mó yín shǒu), Han Li is almost overpowered. But blinding Doctor Mo by suddenly opening the doors, Han Li manages to slice Doctor Mo's leg with his poison coated blade. Han Li asks for Zhang Tie's whereabouts, but is suckerpunched by Tie Nu.

When he regains consciousness, Han Li is in a hidden chamber underneath Mo's residence, being firmly held in place by Tie Nu. Doctor Mo activates Seven Ghosts Soul-Devouring Art (七鬼噬魂术Qī guǐ shì hún shù) by stabbing himself with special blades, to attack Han Li's soul. When Han Li faints, Doctor Mo orders Tie Nu to guard the door, and not to let anyone inside. Doctor Mo begins devouring Han Li's soul with Soul Replacement (夺舍Duó shě), but is unsuccessful because Han Li is actually at rank 6, not rank 4.

Han Li wakes up to Doctor Mo's lifeless body. He then discovers that he's been poisoned by the Demonic Silver Hand, and scrambles for the antidote. Underneath a loose floorboard, he discovers a hidden chest. Inside is a bell, a manual on the Forever Spring Skill and a bamboo scroll. Han Li grabs the chest and heads for the exit, but is interrupted by Tie Nu who begins throwing punches at him. He tries reasoning with him that Mo is dead, so Tie Nu doesn't have to serve him anymore. Thrown at the wall, the bell accidentally chimes as it rolls on the ground, causing Tie Nu to freeze in his tracks. Han Li tests out this Soul-summoning Bell (引魂钟Yǐn hún zhōng), learning that it can freeze and unfreeze Tie Nu's movements. Han Li reaches out to unmask the mysterious Tie Nu.